Bottleless Water Coolers for the Home or Office

Rayne Top-of-the-Line Bottleless Water Coolers are very convenient, providing hot, cold and ambient drinking water and even ice cubes*. With this many options, we guarantee that your entire family or office will enjoy this fun and elegant addition to your kitchen or office. If you choose a home system we promise your family will enjoy drinking more water. If an office system is what you are looking for, rest assured knowing your coworkers and guests will be able to enjoy a cool refreshing glass of water and you will never need to store any more bottles or jugs of water again.

Water & Ice Bottleless Water Cooler Systems

No matter what type of bottleless water cooler you are looking for, Rayne stocks a variety of top of the line drinking water coolers perfect for both your home and office. Maybe you need the added convenience of having ice dispensed at your fingertips. In addition to making ice, some of our top systems can also produce hot and cold drinking water using its convenient touch sensor.

Maybe you are looking for a large office solution - the Rayne WaterLogic Innowave Max can store up to 13 gallons of water. Over 5 gallons of it is kept in the cold tank, 1.5 gallons in the hot tank and the rest is in a secondary tank waiting to be dispensed. We also offer several models with UV sterilization, this ensures clean water storage tanks and controls the build up of biofilm and other bacteria in the water. Contact your local Rayne dealer today* to see what bottleless water cooler will work best for you.

*Availability varies by location.