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Why Drinking Water

Just about everyone in Bullhead City uses an alternative to tap water for their drinking water needs. Many have chosen a Rayne Drinking ater System which provides great tasting drinking water right at the kitchen sink. For just pennies per gallon, you can enjoy bottled water quality drinking water that is not only good for you, but also provides these benefits:

Why Soft Water

For years, we've talked about the benefits of softened water for your home, your health, your pocketbook. Now, a recent independent laboratory study by Battelle Memorial Institute has put water softening systems to the test. What did they find? Some cold, hard facts about hard water! A soft water system easily and economically provides the following benefits

Of course, we'll keep on talking about softened water in terms of soft, silky, eco-friendly, and cost effective, but we wanted to share the cold hard facts with you, too. These facts show that residential water softeners are one of the very best household energy savers. To read the entire Battelle study, click here.
  • Bubble Bath
  • Protects plumbing & fixtures
  • Skin is softer and smooth
  • Cleaner and brighter laundry & less wear on clothes
  • Shiny & more manageable hair
  • Dishes & glassware sparkle
  • Your water heater lasts longer & uses up to 30% less energy
  • You save up to 80% on soaps and detergents
  • Appliances last longer and require fewer repairs

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Rayne of Bullhead City

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In an era where everything changes, you need a water treatment company in the Laughlin - Bullhead City area that is solid and will be around for years to come. Rayne of Bullhead City is part of the Rayne Water Corporation, which has been a leader in water treatment equipment since 1928. So, if you need water softeners in Bullhead City, water filters in Fort Mohave, water coolers in Laughlin, or reverse osmosis systems in Kingman - we're the one to call. If you'd like to visit with one of our water professionals, we'll be in your Needles, Bullhead City, Kingman, or Laughlin neighborhood this week.

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Rayne of Bullhead City provides Water Softeners and Water Filter systems for rent or purchase for customers in the following areas: