Commercial Water Treatment Systems

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Rayne can provide Commercial and Industrial water treatment solutions– from the smallest business to large health care facilities. From car washes and restaurants to huge office complexes, our products have been helping businesses meet their water needs for over 80 years.

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Water Softeners
Exchange Tank Services
RO Systems
Water Filters
De-ionized Water Systems
Bottleless Water Coolers for Your Office or Workplace
UV Sterilization
Custom Systems

Whether you need a standard commercial product or a custom engineered system, Rayne understands your water needs. Rayne offers a variety of products including water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, water coolers and exchange tank soft water service in a wide range of standard sizes.

Rayne also offers custom designed water treatment systems that include these technologies as well as others for specific water treatment needs – such as ultraviolet and ozone, micro filtration, etc. Below are a few of our systems in action:

Commercial Water Softeners
Client Need: Soft Water for guests and laundry
System: Twin Metered Water Softener
Outcome: This Rayne System can produce up to 400 gallons of soft water per minute

Commercial Water Softeners
Business: A Manufacturing Plant
Client Need: Water with low total desolved solids
System: Commercial Reverse Osmosis System
Outcome: This Rayne System produces up to 2,000 gallons of treated water per day

Commercial Water Softeners
Business: A Southern California Hospital
Client Need: Soft Water for all water-related requirements
System: Exchange Tank Service where automatic water softeners are not allowed
Outcome: Many tanks can be manifolded together to meet any water requirement

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