Exchange Tank Services

Many Rayne dealers offer customers a Soft Water Exchange Tank Service. Nothing beats the ease or convenience of this water-softening system.

Rayne's Soft Water Exchange Tank Service is the environmentally superior way to soften your hard water. This service provides the same benefits of a water softener but uses no salt in the home. Rather, regeneration takes place in a properly-designed facility and monitored in a centralized regeneration facility by trained technicians.

With this system, a Rayne technician will deliver a fully-regenerated Soft Water Exchange Tank to your home and exchange it as needed for a fee. The frequency of the exchange will be determined by a Rayne professional based upon the number of people in your home and the level of water hardness.

Rayne Customers just love this service. The tanks require no electricity in the home and no drain because a Rayne technician simply exchanges the tank when needed. One monthly fee ensures you always have soft water and never do any of the work. If there is ever a problem, we have round-the-clock technicians available to help you, and there is rarely a charge for a service call!

We do all the work for you!

Learn about the environmentally friendly benefits of Portable Exchange (PE) Tank Systems in this brief video.

Rayne of Phoenix Awarded AZ Water 2011 Water Reuse Project of the Year