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Since 1970, Serving Orange County’s Water Treatment Needs

Since 1970, Rayne of Irvine has been providing Home Owners and Commercial Customers with the highest quality Water Softener Products. Salt Free Conditioners and Drinking Water Systems in the industry. Located in the heart of Southern Orange County, employing Factory Trained Technicians, Rayne is here to serve your water needs.

Save with Rayne of Irvine's Systems:
Water Softener Products, Salt Free Conditioners, Drinking Water Systems
and Water Coolers for Home or Office

At Rayne of Irvine, our Water Softener Systems will treat hard water and save you money from the very moment you begin to use them. Our Water Softener Systems significantly reduce the amount of detergents, cleaners, shampoo and soap you use by as much as 80%! Your skin and hair will feel smoother and softer, your laundry cleaner and brighter, your glassware and shower doors free of water spots.

Introducing the Smartest Drinking Water System Ever

Rayne's Environmental Commitment to provide you with Eco-Friendly Choices.

While other companies merely talk about helping the Environment, we take action.

Click here to read how our products make an Eco-Friendly impact.

Local: (949) 250-1811
Toll Free: (1-800) 327-9777
or Contact Us via email

Irvine Water Softeners

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Our Soft Water Systems & Water
Treatment Products at a Glance

Stop Hardwater Buildup!

Call today to have a Whole House, High Capacity, High Flow Water Softener Installed.

Reliable, Eco-Friendly & Effortless Soft Water Exchange Tank Service.

Avoid High-Priced Bottled Water!

Get a Rayne High Purity, Economical Drinking Water System for Your Home.
Water Coolers


Save with our Drinking Water Systems

Irvine Water SoftenersWith a Rayne Drinking Water System, you can enjoy the great taste of Rayne Water right at your kitchen sink – plenty of water everyday for drinking, making ice cubes (many times we can hook up your Rayne Water System to your refrigerator for ice cold drinking water and clear clean ice cubes), making juices, coffee and all your favorite drinks – even washing your fruits and vegetables. You’ll never have to lift or buy expensive bottled water again, or toss that plastic bottle into a landfill. Call us today and we'll show you how just how much money your family can save.

We also offer Water Coolers for Home or Office. Our Water Coolers provide hot and cold drinking water at the touch of your finger and are available for a low monthly cost.

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Businesses in the western United States have one more thing to worry about these days – water. Not just contamination or impurities affecting their products, but the water shortage itself has them competing for water against consumers...

A Call to Conserve Water

With California’s Governor Jerry Brown declaring a drought emergency for the state of California and considering the drastically reduced lake levels this year, it makes sense to take a look at ways we can conserve water in our own homes.

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In a world where businesses come and go, Rayne of Irvine is proud to have been a fixture of the Irvine and San Clemente community for over 40 years now. Whether you need a water softener for your home in Irvine, a water filter in your condo in Rancho Santa Margarita, a water cooler in your Laguna Niguel office, or a reverse osmosis in your San Clemente restaurant - we can help! We can often be found in the Tustin, Costa Mesa, Dana Point, and Newport Beach communities if you'd like to visit with a water treatment professional.

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