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  • $189 off Celebrating 89 Years with Systems for $.89/mo
  • Softer skin made possible by Rayne Water Treatment Systems Spot-free technology that protects your plumbing, your home and you. For Soft, Luxurious Water You Can Afford. Purchase a System or Rent a System
Celebrating 89 Years with Systems for $.89/mo


From Compton to Laguna Beach to Villa Park to Redondo Beach and every area in between, Rayne of Irvine has been providing water softener & drinking water system solutions since 1970.

Our Highly Trained staff of Technicians provide 24 hour emergency and radio dispatched service. We are here to serve your filtered water needs.

With a Rayne Drinking Water System, you can enjoy the great taste of clean, great tasting Rayne Water right at your kitchen sink. At Rayne of Irvine, our Water Softeners will treat hard water and save you money from the very moment you start using them. We also offer Home and Office Water Coolers.

Why Soft Water

For years, we've talked about the benefits of softening the water in your home - be it for your health or your pocketbook. Now, a recent independent lab study conducted by the Battelle Memorial Institute has put water softening systems to the test. What did they find? Some cold, hard facts about hard water! A soft water system easily and economically provides the following benefits:

Bubble Bath
  • Dishes & glassware sparkle
  • Your water heater lasts longer and uses up to 30% less energy
  • You save up to 80% on soaps and detergents
  • Appliances last longer and require fewer repairs
  • Protects plumbing & fixtures
  • Skin is softer and smooth
  • Cleaner and brighter laundry & less wear on clothes
  • Shiny & more manageable hair

Of course, we can keep talking about softened water and how it is soft, silky, eco-friendly, and cost effective, but we wanted to share the cold hard facts with you, too. These facts show that residential water softeners are one of the very best household energy savers.

To read the entire Battelle study, click here.

Why Drinking Water

Just about everyone in Orange County uses an alternative to tap water for their drinking water needs. Many residents have chosen a Rayne Drinking Water System which provides clean, great tasting drinking water right at the kitchen sink. For just pennies per gallon, you can enjoy bottled water quality water that is not only good for you, but also provides these great benefits:

  • Removes chlorine and reduces unwanted taste and odor
  • Makes your coffee, tea, juices, and soups taste better
  • Water suitable for most humidifiers, aquariums, car batteries & steam irons
  • You can refill your own sports bottles
  • No heavy water bottles to buy or lift
  • Water suitable for most humidifiers, aquariums, car batteries & steam irons

We also offer Home and Office Water Coolers. Our Bottleless Water Coolers Systems provide hot and cold drinking water at the touch of your finger and are available for a low monthly cost.

Rayne of Irvine - 17835 Sky Park Circle, #M - Irvine, California 92614

Rayne of Irvine is proud to be a local fixture in Orange County. Since 1970 we have been serving our neighbors with clean, healthy water. So, if you need a water softener in Irvine, reverse osmosis systems in Harbor City, water filters in La Mirada, salt-free water conditioning systems in Carson, or bottleless water coolers in Lakewood, we'll be glad to help. Our water treatment professionals are often in your neighborhood, whether you live in Lomita, Norwalk, Paramount, San Clemente, Fountain Valley, Dana Point, Garden Grove, Costa Mesa, or somewhere in between, so give us a call today!

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Cities Served

Rayne of Irvine provides Reverse Osmosis Systems and Water Softener Systems for rent or purchase for customers in the areas listed below. If you do not see your city listed, please search here for another Rayne dealer in your area.

    • Aliso Viejo
    • Artesia
    • Bell
    • Bell Garden
    • Bellflower
    • Buena Park
    • Capistrano Beach
    • Carson
    • Commerce
    • Compton
    • Corona Del Mar
    • Costa Mesa
    • Coto De Caza
    • Cypress
    • Dana Point
    • Dove Canyon
    • Downey
    • El Toro
    • Foothill Ranch
    • Fountain Valley
    • Garden Grove
    • Gardena
    • Harbor City
    • Hermosa Beach
    • Huntington Beach
    • Huntington Park
    • Irvine
    • Irvine Ranch
    • La Mirada
    • La Palma
    • Ladera Ranch
    • Laguna Beach
    • Laguna Hills
    • Laguna Niguel
    • Laguna Woods
    • Lake Forest
    • Lakewood
    • Lomita
    • Long Beach
    • Los Alamitos
    • Los Flores
    • Lynwood
    • Maywood
    • Mission Viejo
    • Newport Beach
    • Newport Coast
    • Norwalk
    • Orange
    • Palos Verdes Estates
    • Paramount
    • Portola Hills
    • Portola Springs
    • Rancho Mission Viejo
    • Rancho Palos Verdes
    • Rancho Santa Margarita
    • Redondo Beach
    • Rolling Hills
    • Rolling Hills Estates
    • Rossmore
    • Rossmoor
    • San Clemente
    • San Juan Capistrano
    • San Pedro
    • Santa Ana
    • Santa Fe Springs
    • Seal Beach
    • Signal Hill
    • Silverado Canyon
    • South Gate
    • Stanton
    • Sunset Beach
    • Surfside
    • Torrance
    • Trabuco Canyon
    • Tustin
    • Vernon
    • Villa Park
    • Westminster
    • Wilmington