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Rayne of Irvine is the premier provider of Orange County's Commercial and Industrial water treatment solutions. Whether you are looking for a single water cooler for your customer's enjoyment or a large scale water softening system for a hotel or hospital, we have an affordable, effective, and efficient product for you. We're proud to be working in the back ground of many Orange County enterprises since 1970.

Our Commercial Water Treatment Products Include:

While Rayne of Irvine can often provide a standard commercial water treatment product, we understand that your situation may be unique. Our reverse osmosis systems, water softeners, and bottleless water coolers come in a full range of sizes and configurations. However, if those don't fulfill your water needs, we can gladly design custom systems that include all of these technologies as well as microfiltration, ultraviolet and ozone, and extreme outputs.

Some of our industrial water treatments systems in use:

Twin Metered Water Softener Exchange Tank Service where automatic water softeners are not allowed Commercial Reverse Osmosis System

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