For over 40 years, Rayne of Southbay has been providing California homes, businesses, and commercial industries with the highest quality Water Softeners, Salt-Free Water Conditioners, and Drinking Water Systems. Conveniently located in the heart of Southern Orange County, Rayne is here to serve you with our factory-trained technicians.

Rayne of Southbay also offers soft water exchange tank services for homeowners who desire 100% hassle-free soft water for a low monthly, contract-free fee. Our technicians are also available to service all types of makes and models of water softening systems, reverse osmosis systems, and water conditioners.

Rent for a low monthly rate - with NO contract!

Are you renting your home? Or perhaps you simply aren't ready to buy a water treatment system yet? Call Rayne of Southbay today and get a Rayne Water Softening System or a Rayne Reverse Osmosis System at a low monthly rental rate - 100% Contract Free! And, for a limited time, your new water treatment system will only be $10/month for the first three months!

Products that save you money

Save up to $400 a year with a Rayne Reverse Osmosis/Purified Water System. With a Rayne Reverse Osmosis system, there is no longer a need to purchase - and carry and store - heavy water bottles, expensive individual sports bottles, or ice. Reverse osmosis water will also significantly improve the performance of your humidifier, car battery, steam iron, and aquarium. If your family uses just four bottles of water each day, a Rayne under-the-sink drinking water system can save you nearly $400 a year!

Save up to $1700 a year with a Rayne Soft Water System. Our water softening system customers typically see a significant decrease in the amount of soap and detergent that they use, while also increasing the lifespan of their clothing, appliances, and household fixtures. "… Clothes can last 33% longer, with up to 80% savings on soap and cleaning aids, and up to 75% savings from wear and tear on plumbing and appliances" (Source: On The House, The Arizona Republic, August 20, 2005).

Since Rayne Water Softeners are top performers in the industry, they can save the typical family of four between $1,400 and $1,700 each year!