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Water Softeners/Conditioners
Drinking Water Systems
Bottleless Water Coolers
Portable Exchange Tank Services

Water Softeners & Water Treatment Systems

Rayne products are available for lease or purchase and all merit the Water Quality Associate (WQA) Gold Seal of approval ensuring that we are held to the highest standards of the industry.

While special orders are available, below are the standard products and services offered by Rayne of Phoenix.

Water Softener/Conditioners

Rayne Smart Twin Tank Water Softener

Drinking Water Systems

RayneClear Reverse Osmosis System
RaynePure PlusR Reversis Osmosis System

Bottleless Water Coolers

Rayne Bottleless Water Cooler
Rayne Water Cooler

Portable Exchange Tank Services

PE Tank Service
Faucet Choices Faucet Choices
Water Softeners
Celebrating 89 Years with Systems for $.89/mo

$189 off any RO, Water softener or whole house Filtration Purchase

How hard is your water?Water Hardness in Phoenix