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Since 1958, Rayne of Glendale has been equiping homes, businesses and offices throughout the valley with Water Softeners, Drinking Water Systems, Water Coolers and Water Conditioning Systems.

Thanks to a diverse selection of water treatment solutions, your home, office or business can have a continual supply of healthly, clean, great-tasting water. With the addition of a water softener or conditioner you can also enjoy luxurious, spot-free, soft water in Glendale.

Rayne Water Treatment Products

Rayne of Glendale offers water treatment solutions designed to help you save money and reduce your environmental footprint, whether it be at home or at work.

Popular water treatment products Rayne of Glendale offers:

- Drinking Water Systems & Reverse Osmosis Filters
- Water Softener and Conditioner Installation and Service
- Whole House Water Filtration Systems
- Eco-Friendly Soft Water Exchange Tank Services

Celebrating 89 Years with Systems for $.89/mo

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Rayne of Glendale

Sales: 602-276-5397

California Water Softeners

For more than 55 years, Rayne of Glendale has been serving the Glendale area's water treatment needs. If you need drinking water filters in your Glendale home, water coolers at your office in Phoenix, a water softener in your Surprise residence, or reverse osmosis systems in your Laveen restaurant, Rayne of Glendale wants to help! Rayne of Glendale has water professionals that understand Arizona's water conditions and can help offer solutions. We have customers all over the valley and are often in the following communities: Avondale, Carefree, Queen Creek, Gilbert, Wickenburg, Paradise Valley, and Glendale.

Did you know that the quickest, easiest, and least expensive way for a woman to lead a healthier life is simply to drink enough water every day? Of course, you know that. You already know that 92% of your blood is water and even 75% of your muscles and brain are water, but in the busyness of life, do you remember to feed those parts of your body? Here's a few reasons why drinking sufficient amounts of water will keep you at your healthiest: Water is the best energy drink. Water balances your electrolytes, controls your blood pressure, keeps your blood at a healthy volume, cleans the toxins from your kidneys, and regulates your body temperature. If your body is not struggling to keep all these things in check, you will undoubtedly have more energy! Water chases away aches and pains. If your body hurts or feels sluggish, you may simply need to drink more. Water acts as a natural shock absorber for your organs and helps lubricate your joints. Water outperforms fad diets. As often as not, what we mistake for hunger pangs is our body trying to tell us it's thirsty. Next time you get the urge for a snack, try drinking a tall glass of water. Water will keep your cravings in check and will even help you burn more calories during a workout. Water works as well as your favorite beauty products. Skin moisturizers and hair conditioners work from the outside in, often only masking the problem. Water, on the other hand, works from the inside out to keep your hair and skin cleaner, smoother, softer, healthier, and dare we even say - younger. For many people, unfortunately, it's difficult to drink enough water. All too often, we hear people complain about the taste of their water and the cost of bottled water. That's why we like to remind you that there is a better way - a Drinking Water System from Rayne. Our systems, available in either an under-the-sink water filter or a convenient bottleless water cooler, deliver a constant flow of great-tasting, healthy water.