Rayne Water Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Read some of our reviews from our existing customers to see how the Rayne name has come to stand for longevity, superior products, outstanding warranty and great service. It is our long-standing customers and our high customer retention rates that make us most proud.

Reviews & Testimonials

"We received a professional and thourough demonstration of Rayne's water conditioning products by Mr. Jeff Booth. Jeff was courteous and extremely well informed and helped us better understand how difficult hard water can be in our lives. In the few months since we've had our Rayne water conditioning products installed, we have noticed improvements in our daily lives such as improved skin condition and better tasking drinking water. Thank You!"

- Bob M., Woodbridge, VA

"We recently canceled our soft water and boy do we miss you. We'd like to reinstate the soft water and also go back on our regular billing as my husband is now working again--yay! Thank you so much for working with us and for your great service. Having had you for 10 years, we didn't realize how much we would be missing you. But, I can't even wash my hair with this water! Looking forward to being a return customer. Thanks."

- Marguerite G., San Clemente, CA

"I could not believe the difference. We had used another company in the past and were never really sure if the system was working or not. With our Rayne system there is no question. The dishes look great, my shower feels wonderful and the house is so much cleaner. People think that I clean all of the time thanks to my Rayne Guardian"

- Gretchen R. from Santa Monica, CA

"We used to use bottled water. It was expensive and remembering to put the bottles out was a pain in the you-know-what. Since installing our Rayne Reverse Osmosis system even the kids are drinking more water. We will never use bottles again thanks to the staff over at Rayne. Our technician was on time and performed a very thorough installation in a neat and professional manner. He was also very knowledgeable and gave some good advice about the system and what we need to look out for. Its nice to know that we can just call Rayne if there is ever something wrong".

- Roland P. from Brentwood, CA

"Just a note to express my thanks for the good service we have received since we received our new water conditioner. Both your attention and that of the installers have made for a pleasant experience. Thank you very much. We sure couldn't get by without it."

- E. Moore from Brea, CA

"My husband and I want to take the time to thank you for the pleasant and thorough presentation. The service is excellent and the installer was efficient and professional as well. We will be sure to recommend your service to others."

- T. Wallace from Anaheim, CA

"We wanted to inform you that we are very pleased with our water softener and water filtration system. In fact, both have far exceeded our expectations. You can chalk us up as another satisfied customer."

- N Jaco, LTG, U.S. ARMY, Retired, TX

"What s surprise it was to see the owner of Rayne Water Conditioners get out of the truck with a new employee and check out my system and replace the salt. Your personal attention is what makes Rayne the best in San Antonio."

- W. Acker, Major General, USAF, Retired, TX

"I think I should let you know that I absolutely love my water softener system! Clean-up has never been so easy! Food tastes great (esp. coffee) and we have had no more skin problems. I can't believe that I waited so long. I just had no (idea) what a major difference it would make in our lives. So thanks too. If you need a more general letter of endorsement for your files or to use me as a reference, please, I would be honored!"

- Josie and Tom A, TX