Water Softeners

Did you know that the quickest way to make your bathroom appear clean is to polish your mirror? That's right, just that little bit of sparkle transforms the entire room. Now, imagine shower doors, faucets, and a tub that never again would have water spots… because you have a water softener. Not only will you love having spot-free water, you will also enjoy softer hair and skin, longer-lasting plumbing, more economical water heating, and adding to the value of your home.

We agree, that's a lot of benefits for a single, affordable investment. To make it even easier, Rayne of San Diego has water softeners for lease or purchase. You choose - buy and add lasting equity to your home, or lease and leave it all to us.

Rayne Guardian Elite (RG-1500) Home Water Softeners Rayne Guardian (RG-1250) Home Water Softeners RXD 1500-D Home Water Softeners RXD 1000 Home Water Softeners RF 1000/1500 Series Home Water Softeners