2013 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

San Diego Water

Like most large American cities, San Diego's water is actually quite safe, and we contribute that to the hard work of the good folks over at the Public Utilities Department. Click on the images below to view the 2010 San Diego Water Quality Report. These documents offer important information about the known contaminants in our drinking water, the chemicals that are used for disinfecting our water, and facts about the hardness of the water.

San Diego's water contains up to 14.6 gpg!

As you can tell from the report and this water hardness map, San Diego's water is very hard. This explains part of the reason our landfills are running over with worn out water softeners, dishwashers, washing machines, and other water-using appliances. To learn more about the effects of hard water, click here to view the Battelle Study.

Below are a list of important water-related resources:

City of San Diego – www.sandiego.gov

County Water Authority – www.sdcwa.org

Metropolitan Water District – www.mwdh2o.org

State Public Health – www.cdph.ca.gov

Think Blue – www.thinkblue.org

U.S. EPA – www.epa.gov/safewater

Water Emergency – www.sandiego.gov/wateremergency

Watering Calculator – apps.sandiego.gov/landcalc

Be Water Wise (MWD) – www.bewaterwise.com

EPA Water Contaminant Page – water.epa.gov/drink/contaminants/

San Diego Water Site – www.sandiego.gov/water/

Water Fluoridation Site – www.sandiego.gov/water/quality/fluoridation.shtml