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A community company for over 45 years, Rayne of Santa Clarita has environmentally friendly options for treating your hard water. Our water softener products, conditioners and portable exchange tank service are approved to treat hard water, without affecting the Santa Clara River.

Hard water leaves spots on your dishes, glasses, silverware, and in your shower; it leaves hair feeling unclean and skin feeling dry or itchy. Soft water keeps your dishes sparkling and allows you to use less shampoo in your hair or detergent on clothing. Rayne of Santa Clarita provides soft water to residents and businesses with city-approved methods that protect the local environment.

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Approved Whole House Water Treatment for Santa Clarita

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Other companies may talk about helping the Environment - we have taken action.
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Local: (661) 257-2963
Fax: (661) 257-8383
or contact us via email using the form below

Celebrating 89 Years with Systems for $.89/mo

Rayne of Santa Clarita Water Softeners & Water Treatment Products at a Glance

You can still have soft water while following local guidelines. Rayne's water conditioners are city-approved.

Reliable, Eco-Friendly & Effortless Soft Water Exchange Tank Service.

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Bottled Water!

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Santa Clarita Water SoftenersImagine having clean, pure drinking water right at your kitchen sink. Many residents and businesses in Santa Clarita already enjoy the ease and convenience of having purified drinking water in their homes or offices, now it's your turn! Prefer to get your water from the fridge? We can do that too! Rayne of Santa Clarita provides water conditioners and portable exchange tank services, which follow local environmental guidelines, to serve your home or office.

Local guidelines are in place to protect the Santa Clara River, but having a Rayne Water drinking system in your home provides another environmental benefit: reducing your dependence on plastic water bottles. Having purified drinking water in your home allows you to fill up a re-useable water bottle, keeping plastic bottles out of landfills. Do something good for you and for the environment and contact Rayne of Santa Clarita today!

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For over 45 years, Rayne of Santa Clarita has been a cornerstone of the Santa Clarita, CA area. While water treatment companies come and go, we're here to meet your needs year after year. So, if you need reverse osmosis systems in Santa Clarita, water coolers at your Saugus office, water filters at your Valencia condo, or water softeners in Canyon Country - just give us a call! Have questions you'd like to ask? We're often in the Burbank, Canyon Country, Frazier Park, San Fernando, Santa Clarita Saugus, Valencia, and Van Nuys neighborhoods.