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Rayne Water Signs Newest Dealer, LAV Waters in Georgia

April 26, 2016

MILLEDGEVILLE, GA (April 26, 2016) – Rayne Water is pleased to introduce the newest Rayne Dealer, LAV Waters in Milledgeville, GA.

Lu and Kristin Villarreal, owners of LAV Waters, have been in the water industry for over two decades. When he was 17, Lu Villarreal began working with a Rayne dealer in his home state of California. During his time there, he became familiar with Rayne quality and performance, and that knowledge has never left him. As Lu says, “The future is water and energy, and the quality of water is what determines its value.” After much research, Lu and Kristen decided that only Rayne’s products - backed by its 85 years of expertise – could provide the highest quality water treatment systems to their customers in central Georgia. And that was the brand they wanted to represent.

H. Martin Jessen, Vice President of Rayne Water Corporation visited Rayne’s newest dealership and got to know both Lu and Kristen. Upon meeting the people at LAV Waters, Mr. Jessen had this to say, “LAV Water’s professionalism, knowledge, and integrity fit perfectly into our brand. It seems appropriate that that as a young man, Lu was part of Rayne’s history, and today his company is part of Rayne’s future. We are excited that LAV Waters will be supplying the consumers of Georgia with Rayne water treatment products.”

Lu met and married his wife Kristin in California, and when life carried them back to her home state of Georgia, he decided to go into the plumbing business. He worked determinedly to get his contractor’s license over the next couple years. The same week it came through, Lu and Kristin set up an LLC and a company phone number, bought a desk, set up shop, and never looked back.

Since those humble beginning, their plumbing company has risen to the top of their industry. They have built a reputation for solving complex water and plumbing problems, and are a respected source of information for other plumbing companies in the area.

Quality has always been a top priority to them in their plumbing business and they knew they wanted to carry that philosophy on into their water treatment business. After researching the various water treatment products out on the market today, they kept coming back to Rayne. Lu and Kristen strongly believe Rayne offers the best products in the industry - from water softeners to drinking water systems - Rayne products are quality personified and it is that premise upon which they wanted to build their business.

Lu and Kristen are excited about their future in the water treatment industry, and are looking forward to partnering with Rayne in this new endeavor.

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