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Archive for July, 2012

Where there are farms, there may be nitrates.

Posted by Rayne Water

Where there are farms, there may be nitrates. You cannot see them. You cannot taste them. We eat our vegetables because they are healthy, never considering that they may contain nitrates or what we wash them in may contain nitrates as well.

A recent article emphasizes responsible fertilizer use and the effects of the nitrogen that escapes. According to the Santa Maria Sun, a new study by UC Davis scientists shows that plants only use half the nitrogen fertilizer that farmers apply. The other half hops a ride on water molecules and percolates down through the soil, eventually making its way into local drinking-water wells—where nitrate contamination can make the water unfit for human consumption. It’s a serious problem that’s getting worse, according to water quality officials. Many local growers (and those around the country) have been spending resources trying to use fertilizers responsibly and reduce the use in general in order to minimize nitrogen.

Today’s farmers often apply the liquid boost along with irrigation water, using drip lines to feed the plants’ root zones. Some even have their own onsite laboratories, relying on plant science to fine-tune fertilizer application. But nitrate pollution of groundwater is so widespread that these voluntary efforts aren’t enough for the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board anymore. Now Central Coast farmers are the first in California to face a host of stringent new requirements designed to stem the flow. This is good news for consumers who may find excess nitrates in their drinking water or foods. For areas high in nitrates due to poor farming practices, drinking water systems are recommended to reduce and remove harmful contaminants (not just nitrates which is a definite bonus) from the tap water or drinking water. In order to reduce water waste and to help conserve water sources, consumers are recommended to find a drinking water system that wastes less water than traditional reverse osmosis systems and will provide a continuous supply of safe drinking water while being eco-friendly.

Fruits and vegetables are an essential part of a healthy diet, but high levels of nitrates are not. Find a drinking water system for you and continue to eat and drink healthy.

Are you worried about nitrates in your Southern California water supply? We have many SoCal locations and can provide water softeners in San Diego all the way up to San Jose. Give us a call today!

What is Portable Exchange Tank Service?

Posted by Rayne Water

Portable exchange tank service is a service we offer to our clients who are want to make life easier for two reasons – hard water is hard to live with and our technicians do all of the work for you! Your life will instantly become easier with this service. Not only is this the eco-friendly way to soften your hard water, but you don’t have to lift a finger. Our technician will deliver a fresh Soft Water Exchange Tank to your home and exchange it every week, every 2 weeks or every 4 weeks depending on the number of people in your home. We then return the “old” tank back to the plant to “regenerate” it for the next trip. The tanks require no electricity or drainage. If there is ever a problem, we have round-the-clock technicians available to help you, and there is rarely a charge for a service call! We do all the work for you! Why portable exchange tank service? Hard water is a serious problem — in fact it is the most common water quality problem in the U.S.  According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), 89.3% of US homes have hard water. A recent independent laboratory study by Battelle Memorial Institute concluded that soft water produced better function, efficiency, extended life, and appearance. There were no clogged pipes or water lines. The appliances used significantly less energy to operate. The appliances and plumbing lasted longer and needed fewer repairs. There were no water spots, tarnish, or stains to be cleaned away. Specifically, the water heaters using soft water had operating costs 47% less than those water heaters used with hard water. Even the most energy efficient water heater on the market was 10% more efficient with softened water. Another segment of the study compared showerheads. Those being used with hard water lost 75% of the flow rate in less than 18 months – and in some cases only had six tiny holes left open to spray water, while showerheads used with soft water maintained a brilliant luster, full flow, and good-as-new performance. Water softeners also were shown to reduce a home’s carbon footprint by over 14% – just on water heating. How can you get portable exchange tank service? We offer this service for an afforable price compared to the convenience it provides you. Contact us today to see how hard your water is and which system would be the best for you. Hard water doesn’t have to be hard to deal with when you have portable exchange tank service.]]>

Bedrock Groundwater Contamination

Posted by Rayne Water

water filters provide your home with safe drinking water because the reverse osmosis system effectively reduces harmful contaminants – even the unidentified ones. For well owners or residents using tap water, contamination means health effects of some sort. Depending on concentrations and the period of time someone consumes the water, among the potential health issues associated with drinking water containing these contaminants at levels above human health benchmarks include various types of cancer; reproductive and developmental problems; kidney and blood diseases; diabetes; and a weakened immune system. Don’t let contamination rule your life. Come see us for home drinking water systems that will protect your tap, just as testing is supposed to. Being prepared and using additional caution is a responsible solution for a serious problem.  ]]>

Well-Owners Deserve Safe Drinking Water Too

Posted by Rayne Water

drinking water systems in homes with wells who do not always know if their water is pure of contaminants. “While the presence of contaminants, such as arsenic, in some groundwater was already known, this new study identifies several that hadn’t been previously identified.  This new report also provides information on the type of bedrock geologic formations where high concentrations are most likely to be found, which will help identify areas most at risk of contamination.” The results highlight the importance of private well owners testing and potentially treating their water. While public water supplies are treated to ensure that water reaching the tap of households meets federal requirements, there are no such requirements for private supplies, which serve more than 2.3 million people in the region. It is true that “the same geologic forces which gave rise to the spectacular mountains and architecturally significant rock quarries of New England are also responsible, over time, for leaching trace contaminants into the groundwater that can be harmful to human health,” said USGS Director Marcia McNutt. “This study helps focus attention on where and what the risk factors are such that citizens who depend on private wells can get their water tested to ensure peace of mind.” Among the findings, arsenic in untreated samples exceeded federal safety standards for public drinking water at 13 percent of sites – nearly double the national rate.  Manganese exceeded its human-health benchmark in more than 7 percent of wells tested.  Radon exceeded the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed standards in 33 percent of wells. For those well-owners or any homeowner who wants to provide their family with safe drinking water, we have the best solution for you. Our water filters are eco-friendly, affordable, and very effective at removing harmful contaminants and substances at the tap. Getting water to drink that is safe and natural is as important as the water itself. Contact us today to see how a drinking water system can purify your water.  ]]>

Drink Up!

Posted by Rayne Water

Water filters are a great tool in ensuring that your water is pure and safe. Reverse osmosis systems will filter out harmful contaminants and let water do the job it was made to do – to help maintain a healthy body. Come see us today and let a water filter guide your healthy lifestyle from now on.    ]]>