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Archive for October, 2012

Drinkin’ In The Morning

Posted by Rayne Water

We all know that drinking water is necessary for good health, but did you know that the time of day that you drink it affects how much benefit you get from the water?  A recent infographic on the Life and Livingness blog shows some interesting facts that will have you reaching for a glass of water before your cup of coffee even.
Here’s the gist of it all:
1.  Drinking water first thing in the morning, before breakfast particularly, helps cleanse the colon, making it easier for the body to absorb the nutrients you will later consume.
2.  Drinking water helps increase the production of new blood cells and muscle tissue. When better than before your morning exercise?
3.  Drinking water jump starts your daily weight loss. According to their statistics, 16 ounces of chilled water can boost your morning metabolism by 24%.
4.  Drinking water purges toxins from the blood, helping give you glowing skin. That’s a little less time you can spend on your morning routine!
5.  Water in the morning rebalances your lymph system, which helps with all your daily functions, balances your fluid levels, and fights infections.
We always knew a glass of great-tasting, healthy drinking water was a perfect way to start your day – glad that the medical sciences agree with us. To make sure that your water is all that it should be, use a home water filter to flush out the things that you don’t want to drink!

Water Problem – Aging Water Infrastructure

Posted by Rayne Water

Water infrastructure is nothing like a fine wine; it does not get better with age. Among the current issues taking place in our country today, older water infrastructure is not at the top of the list – but maybe it should be. Safe drinking water is a precious commodity. It should not be taken for granted. But, with the state of the water systems compromising our drinking water and what it’ll take to fix (or even improve) it, we recommend a drinking water system such as our reverse osmosis to keep your water safe until the issue rises to the top.
According to an online article from,
each year, 850 billion gallons of wastewater enters the U.S. public drinking water supply because of aging or inadequate water systems. That’s equivalent to 13.6 trillion eight-ounce glasses. The EPA says U.S. water systems need $500 billion in maintenance and new capital investment by 2020.” Some of this water is contaminated and will make its way out of the tap. Programs such as the Aging Water Infrastructure research program promotes research and development for promising new technologies and techniques that increase the effectiveness and lower the cost of our wastewater collection systems.
CNN published news last year stating that there are an average of 700 water main breaks nationwide each year. They warn that this is the latest sign of an aging water delivery infrastructure that results in property loss, inconvenience, and threats to public health. “Anytime you’re breaking the seal of the system that brings water into your homes and apartments, you’re risking contamination from bacteria and viruses,” said Eric Goldstein of the Natural Resources Defense Council.
Our reverse osmosis systems filter drinking water by effectively reducing harmful contaminants and turning tap water into convenient, fresh, clean water at your own separate faucet. The everyday water we drink should be pure and safe. You deserve to have faith in your drinking water. But, when aging water systems compromise drinking water and your faith in the infrastructure falters, we can reinstate your faith back to your tap water. The expenses are immense to fix these municipal systems. It may not be possible for our government to improve the infrastructure as completely or as promptly as we need. So without waiting for this to happen and potentially consuming harmful toxins and contaminants, look into one of our reverse osmosis drinking water filters so that you can feel good about the water you drink.

Renters Deserve Soft Water Too!

Posted by Rayne Water

If you are one of the many Americans who live in an area that has hard water, you know how annoying and costly its effects can be.  But maybe you’re renting a home and you thought you just had to put up with it.  After all, your landlord lives in another state where he doesn’t have to deal with hard water himself, so he doesn’t see the need of improving the quality of your water.
Hard water simply means water that contains excess minerals, usually iron, calcium and/or magnesium.  Although it doesn’t always affect your water’s taste and it doesn’t usually pose a health threat to those who drink it, it can, have devastating effects on your appliances and plumbing as the excess minerals from the water build up over time in your pipes and inside your appliances.  Rather than just accepting hard water as your inevitable fate if you are renting, take the time to educate yourself on what services are available from local water treatment companies.
To start, most water treatment companies offer an in-home water test to determine just how hard your water is, and many even do it for free or minimal cost.  Based on the results of the test, their trained professionals can then recommend the highest quality water softener that will meet your needs.  There are many options available, taking into account what is affordable for you and what makes the most sense based on how much space you have to hold a water softener.
If you are concerned with installing something permanent in your rented home or apartment, you can take advantage of the exchange tank service that some companies, such as Rayne of Camp Pendleton, offer.   A trained technician delivers a fresh soft water tank to your home weekly, bi-weekly, or more infrequently, all depending on how many people are living at your residence.  You don’t have to worry about supplies and the service is automatic, making it easier than ever to have soft water all the time.  Take the time to check out your options today because you deserve soft water too!

One Size Does NOT Fit All

Posted by Rayne Water

How many times have you picked out a piece of clothing from the clothing store that was labeled “one size fits all”, only to get it home and it’s too small or too big?   Thankfully, this probably doesn’t happen to you too often, and you are usually able to return the item with only a minimal amount of hassle and frustration.  The same is NOT true for that new water softener you want to buy, however.
You may think that all water softeners are created equal, right?  After all, you know that you have hard water coming into your home and you just need something to remove those excess minerals that make the water “hard”, before they get to your appliances, plumbing, and everything else the water touches.  It turns out that although a water softener is an easy solution to your hard water problem, you might want some help picking one out.
First, water softeners come in a variety of sizes.  This affects how they will fit in your home or apartment and how much water they can treat at one time.  You don’t want to end up buying a system that doesn’t fit properly in the space you have allotted for it, nor do you want one that is too small for the number of people living in your household.  There are some that are perfect for those really small spaces, but you might not know about them unless you ask.
Second, water softeners come in many price ranges and you must choose one that perfectly fits your budget, as well as meets your other needs such as family size and space in your home.  Some companies even offer the option to rent a water softener if you only need it temporarily, or if you are not ready to purchase one yet but know you need it to combat your hard water.
If you are elderly, physically compromised in any way, or just want to eliminate the need to maintain your system yourself, you might also consider a company that provides exchange tank service.  This makes water softening super simple.  A trained technician just brings a soft water tank to your home and replaces it every so often (how often depends on how many people are in your home) for a monthly fee.  No drain, salt or electricity is required and you don’t have to worry about maintaining the system yourself.
As you can see, there’s much to consider when purchasing a water softener system. If you’re in need of a water softener in Orange County, be sure to give us a call today!  Just pay them a visit and one of their professional staff will assist you in determining what makes the most sense for your home.