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Archive for August, 2015

Drinking Water Leads to More Brain Power

Posted by Rayne Water

Water is essential to good health – that we know. But do you know just how vital hydration is for a healthy brain?  Our brains depend on proper hydration to function optimally. Drinking plenty of high-quality drinking water from an efficient water filter  can lead to superior habits and a better functioning brain over time. Recent research has found that the majority of us are slightly dehydrated, drinking fewer glasses of water than recommended and that we have more difficulty keeping our attention towards things because of it. How much water do you drink each day?
Our brain cells require both water and other elements to operate. It forms a balance but when we lack water or lose water through natural processes, the balance is disrupted and your brain cells become less efficient. For example, one medical expert concluded that dehydration can impair short-term memory function and the recall of long-term memory. The ability to perform mental arithmetic, like calculating whether or not you’ll be late for work if you hit snooze for another 15 minutes, is compromised when your fluids are low.
A new study has also found that drinking more water can also benefit your memory and your ability to react to things. In fact, it was proven that drinking a glass of water can make your brain 14% faster. Previous research has shown that mild dehydration can have a negative effect on cognitive performance, and it’s a well-known fact that not getting enough water can make us feel sluggish. For the first time, the 2015 edition of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommendations report included information about the role certain nutrients may play in supporting and protecting our mental health. This includes water as your main source of hydration as a part of this healthy mindset. Your brain will thank you just as your body does.
You can also feel better when the water you drink is safe and clean. It has been recommended that consumers invest in a home water treatment system. We offer numerous water filters to match your home’s needs and your family’s demands. Pure drinking water is just better for you, therefore supporting habits and a healthier brain. Improving brain function could be as easy as drinking more water and staying hydrated – seems worth it, right?