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E. coli in American Drinking Water

E. coli is nothing to mess with, that’s why when bottled water is recalled to due E. coli contamination, most people pay attention. Hopefully, enough people are aware though. It’s not the first time this has happened and unfortunately, it probably won’t be the last. Drinking water that doesn’t run through a water filter first is getting quite the bad rap lately. Last year, an article from CNN discussed how Niagara Bottling LLC was removing some of its products. In fact, 14 brands of bottled water were recalled due to possible E. coli. Now, there is another article that shows how some of our home septic systems could also be adding E. coli to our drinking water.
In the first situation, the company claimed that the recall was not really due to water contamination but due to caution. There apparently were no signs of its product being contaminated or reports of consumers falling sick, it said. Either way, something sparked the recall and consumers deserved to know how to protect themselves from contaminants – especially with bottled water! The recall began when the plant was notified by the Department of Environmental Control and the Department of Agriculture of the positive test result for E. coli.
This “voluntary” recall affected water bottled from June 10 through 18 in two Pennsylvania plants only. The company’s spokesperson said those two facilities represent less than 3% of Niagara’s overall volume. Right after, there were several negative samples which led the company to believe that it was just the one bad lab result. Their claim was that water goes through a strenuous disinfection process, which “is working perfectly, because it’s killing every bacteria.” This may be such, but the circumstances showed that positive results CAN and WILL happen at some point. Although most strains of E. coli are harmless, others can make you sick. Some kinds of E. coli can cause diarrhea, while others cause urinary tract infections, respiratory illness and pneumonia, and other illnesses.
Septic systems are not functioning like they need to be and Michigan State ​University ​researchers ​have sampled 64 ​river systems ​in the state ​for E. coli and ​the human fecal ​bacteria B-​theta and found just that – ​freshwater ​contamination ​is stemming from ​septic systems. We now need more evaluation of ​water quality ​and health ​implications ​and the impact ​of septic ​systems on ​watersheds. ​
Too many consumers rely on bottled water because they believe it is “safer” than tap water, but this is just not true. This article stands to debunk the myth that bottled water is safer than the water from your tap. It is also way more expensive and much less eco-friendly. Skip the bottled water and consider a home drinking water system. Your tap water can benefit from a water filter  and you’ll enjoy safe drinking water without the worry of drinking water contamination, failed sample tests or adding to toxic waste in landfills. Bottled water has so many disadvantages – give your tap water the ultimate advantage with one of our drinking water systems.
Contact our water treatment technicians today and see what home water filter would be best for your household and your family. Whether your threat is from bottled water or your home’s septic system, you’ll be safer than ever.