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"Generally Safe" Means Danger is Present.

article presented by Mother Nature Network reveals that U.S. drinking water is admittedly only “generally-safe”. While measurable improvements have been made by the national government and the Environmental Protection Agency, hands-on oversight has proven to improve amounts, but not eliminate the contaminates found in our drinking water. In fact, according to the data offered by a MNN graphic, 13% of Arizona’s community water systems have reported health violations and 24% of the state’s population is served by contaminated water systems. In California, 10% have health violations and 2% is served by water systems with some contamination. For those same categories, Nevada hits 17% and 5%, Utah reports 10% and 5%, and New Mexico has 16% and 14%. What about America overall? Every single state in this country besides the District of Colombia has its’ people drinking contaminated water!
The EPA has set limits in recent decades, yet in a December 2009 report, the agency warned of increasing threats to national drinking water. These contaminants are not only due to naturally occurring minerals and elements in the Earth, but tens of thousands of chemicals are released into our water each year. Cancer-causing elements, as stated in the article, have been limited, but are still present.
Contaminants can get into groundwater and drinking water in numerous ways. Filtering plants leave some particles behind, naturally occurring elements release into groundwater, and surface-water systems allow for more contact with outside pollutants. The 2009 EPA report (as found in the MNN article) quotes “disease outbreaks and water restrictions during droughts have demonstrated that we can no longer take our drinking water for granted.”;
The EPA acknowledges that current efforts are present and drinking water violations must be reported in order to continue a quest to make drinking water safer for the citizens of the U.S. In the meantime, the government has created five basic categories of pollutants. That’s right! There are so many contaminants found in drinking water that we can categorize them!
And for those Americans who choose bottled water – these households should ponder the financial responsibility and plastic-waste, as well as the non-biodegradable products left behind. Not all bottled water has been proven to be safer than drinking water.
If “generally-safe” drinking water is sufficient for your family, employees, or consumers, then hopefully your region falls in a “not-so-dangerous” location. Yet the safest, healthiest water can be found through affordable water filtration systems from Rayne. Rayne offers a number of drinking water products like filtration systems, water conditioners and softeners, reverse osmosis, and great service at an affordable price. Why be ”generally-safe” when you could be fully safe?