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Has Your Water Been Disinfected?

Marshall Clinic Research Foundation and the University of California, Davis conducted the work and published their findings on June 1st, 2012 in a peer reviewed journal known as the Environmental Health Perspectives.  The lead author of the study in Wisconsin was Mark A. Borchardt, a microbiologist who works for the US agricultural Research Service in Marshfield.  Nationally it was indicated that there are 20 million people being served by 95,600 drinking systems that do not disinfect their water.  In addition the EPA reported that an estimated 57 million people drink treated groundwater that does not meet federal goals of reducing viruses by almost 100%. Last year, Botrchardt testified before a legislative committee indicating that the benefits of disinfecting the water outweigh the cost.  The viruses most frequently detected in water were of the following types: adenoviruses, enteroviruses and noroviruses, all which would definitely have an impact on the population’s health and even lost man hours at work. A good water treatment company can provide solutions to keep your water safe and your family healthy. Residential water filters use the latest technology to ensure that dangerous viruses and chemicals are being removed from the water that you and your family consume. A water treatment company can provide you with the best and most economical Reverse Osmosis system. Contact you local residential water servicing company today so they can help you and your family have a healthier, safer water supply for all of your consumption needs.]]>