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How to Filter Water: Which Method is Best for Your Home?

Water quality in the U.S. has been making national headlines, which may have you exploring filtration options to take precautions. Your family’s health decisions lie in your hands, and choosing the right water filtration equipment is important – especially if you have young children.

From filtration pitchers to faucet heads and water coolers, there are many ways to remove harmful contaminants from your tap. But which option is worth your investment in water quality? Which method is best for your home? Here, we lay out how to filter water, and the pros and cons of the most popular water purification methods available.

Let’s explore.

Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse osmosis systems help eliminate contaminants other types of filtration tend to miss to make water safer and better tasting – all for just pennies a glass. Great for those using a well, these technologically advanced and innovative filters use the reverse osmosis process to significantly reduce contaminants such as lead, arsenic, chloride, fluoride, radium and other harmful bacteria in water.

Reverse osmosis is the process of pushing water through a semi-permeable
membrane to remove impurities and harmful contaminants, thereby resulting in safe, great-tasting filtered water!

Reverse Osmosis Systems starting at only $25/mo. Try before you buy!

Water Cooler

When it comes to water coolers, there are a couple of options: the classic bottled water cooler, or the newer, more environmentally friendly bottle-free water cooler. Both offer various water temperature settings, potentially free up kitchen counter space and are low-maintenance.

Bottle-free coolers attach to your water supply and run tap water through advanced filters to remove impurities and contaminants. The filtered water is stored in an internal storage tank, so you’ll have plenty of clean water on hand to drink when you need it. There are no replacement filters to change or bottles to replace.

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