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Is a Water Softener Really Necessary?

Water is one of the main utilities in our homes and it touches just about every activity we do in them. From drinking water to dishes, laundry and bathing, water is an integral part of the household. Due to this fact, if water quality is compromised, it makes a huge impact on all areas of the home. Untreated hard water can be especially tough on a home, and the only way to really alleviate it is with a water softener.
Hard water leaves mineral deposits on just about every surface it touches. It also produces a buildup of scale in plumbing systems and in water utilizing appliances, such as hot water heaters and dishwashers. Scale buildup is one of the main culprits of early appliance failure and clogged plumbing lines, which can cost a minor fortune to repair. In addition, it drastically reduces efficiency of appliances, leading to higher utility bills.
Another area where the effects of hard water are felt is in on the skin and hair. Homeowners who bathe or shower with hard water, oftentimes notice that their skin is excessively dry and itchy. In fact, many eczema suffers have much more severe outbreaks if they live in a house with hard water, and on the flip side they notice fewer and less sever outbreaks with softened water. Hard water can also leave a residue on hair which makes it appear dull and limp.
Since hard water reduces the effectiveness of soaps, there is a noticeable difference in clothes washed with hard water and those washed with softened water. Whites tend to gray much quicker and colors fade faster when washed in hard water. If a water softener is used to treat the water however, the laundry detergent can do its job as intended and clothes will appear cleaner, brighter and softer than before.
So is a water softener really necessary? Well, if your home has hard water, then we feel that it is absolutely necessary; the long term effects of hard water are just too many to ignore. Installing a water softener will not only alleviate all the negative effects of hard water, but will also provide some great benefits as well. Not only will your skin and hair be soft and shiny, but the utility and repair costs alone could almost pay for the water softener itself.