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One Size Does NOT Fit All

How many times have you picked out a piece of clothing from the clothing store that was labeled “one size fits all”, only to get it home and it’s too small or too big?   Thankfully, this probably doesn’t happen to you too often, and you are usually able to return the item with only a minimal amount of hassle and frustration.  The same is NOT true for that new water softener you want to buy, however.
You may think that all water softeners are created equal, right?  After all, you know that you have hard water coming into your home and you just need something to remove those excess minerals that make the water “hard”, before they get to your appliances, plumbing, and everything else the water touches.  It turns out that although a water softener is an easy solution to your hard water problem, you might want some help picking one out.
First, water softeners come in a variety of sizes.  This affects how they will fit in your home or apartment and how much water they can treat at one time.  You don’t want to end up buying a system that doesn’t fit properly in the space you have allotted for it, nor do you want one that is too small for the number of people living in your household.  There are some that are perfect for those really small spaces, but you might not know about them unless you ask.
Second, water softeners come in many price ranges and you must choose one that perfectly fits your budget, as well as meets your other needs such as family size and space in your home.  Some companies even offer the option to rent a water softener if you only need it temporarily, or if you are not ready to purchase one yet but know you need it to combat your hard water.
If you are elderly, physically compromised in any way, or just want to eliminate the need to maintain your system yourself, you might also consider a company that provides exchange tank service.  This makes water softening super simple.  A trained technician just brings a soft water tank to your home and replaces it every so often (how often depends on how many people are in your home) for a monthly fee.  No drain, salt or electricity is required and you don’t have to worry about maintaining the system yourself.
As you can see, there’s much to consider when purchasing a water softener system. If you’re in need of a water softener in Orange County, be sure to give us a call today!  Just pay them a visit and one of their professional staff will assist you in determining what makes the most sense for your home.