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Plastic, Plastic Everywhere, and Not a Drop to Spare

We have all done it. Drank a bottle of water or a soft drink, and when we think no one is looking, thrown it away in the garbage, left with a twinge of guilt. On the other hand, many households attempt their hand at recycling, which in many cases also leads to plastic waste somewhere along the lines. If you have ever felt the guilt of wasting this plastic, you are not alone.
Ok, so what are a few bottles tossed away here or there? It may be adding up to more than we think. According to an article from MSNBC, the EPA said that only 7.1 percent of our plastic waste was recycled in 2008. And according to the Natural Resources Defense Council, over half of Americans drink bottled water, making it a billion dollar market each year. So while your couple of bottles may not seem so bad, imagine how many other people have done the same. It adds up. Plastic waste can lead to toxins dissolving into the ground, blocking drainage systems, causing environmental and even harmful health effects.
There are so many brands of bottled water and flavored water, but the truth is, buying bottled water and the dangers of plastic waste don’t compare to the affordability and the safer options you can find with a water filtration system. Don’t fall into the marketing scams created by many of these companies. Bottled water doesn’t prove to be safer than tap water. Filtrated water is safe, cost-effective, and responsible. You can drink as much as you need and not feel guilty about any lack of recycling.
Rayne provides these solutions and can eliminate the plastic waste in your household, as it already does for thousands of others. To read more about plastic waste in America, click here.