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Small Town Utilities Under Fire for Water Contamination

A recent study showed that people living in smaller communities were more likely to have drinking water that contains high levels of lead. It has been found that many small utility companies are not being held to the same standards as large companies.
About 100,000 people get their drinking water from utilities that discovered lead contamination in their water supply, but failed to treat the water to remove it. Of these locations, it was found that the utility companies took over a year to come up with a proper treatment plan and it took even longer for them to start treatment.
Almost 4 million Americans get water from small operators who skipped required tests or did not conduct the water tests properly. Families in these areas weren’t notified about the unsafe levels of lead in their water.
It might seem like the number of areas served by small utilities isn’t that big. But together, the number of people exposed to lead-contaminated drinking water, or water not properly tested for lead, since 2010 is about 5 million.
Money seems to be the number one factor as to why small, often rural community utility companies don’t test their drinking water. It can cost up to $50 per tap to check for lead in drinking water.  Some areas have skipped testing the drinking water for lead for the past 10 years!
It’s important to keep your family safe and healthy. And obviously, relying on small town utility companies is not the safest course of action. Fortunately, homeowners have the option of protecting their own drinking water. Installing an in-home water filtration system, such as a reverse osmosis water filtration system, is the easiest way to ensure that the water you and your family are drinking is protected.
Water filtration systems are able to protect against not only lead contamination, but from other common contaminates as well; nitrates, arsenic, chlorine and many others. Give us a call and we can test your water and recommend the best water filtration system available to meet your unique water filtration needs.