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Water filters protect against drinking water hazards

drinking water. As one community in Virginia Beach has found, decisions and circumstances can impact drinking water sources in unheard of ways. Leaving your drinking water decisions in the hands of policymakers and corporations can also be dangerous. According to a recent article from, uranium mining could impact public drinking water. Although the decision to mine the largest undeveloped uranium deposit in the nation could bring a major economic boom to the local economy in times where jobs are scarce, will it be worth the risks and threats to their drinking water in the long run? Residents and officials are concerned that in the process of mining uranium, by-products could flow downstream and into local homes. Radioactive by-products, that is. The Virginia Beach mayor states that “I don’t think we want our citizen’s drinking water that has radioactivity in it.” But what will win out? The quality of drinking water or economic benefits that could fuel the Commonwealth for 75 years? The uranium is concentrated underneath one Virginia man’s farmland and it’s worth billions of dollars. What is a resident to do? Well, the best decision that those residents could make, as well as any other homeowners across the nation who find themselves asking this very question, is to consider a drinking water system such as a water filter or water cooler. Our drinking water systems are some of the smartest ever made and utilize the latest in drinking water technology. You don’t have to worry about the external decisions putting your drinking water quality at risk. If an economic stimulus is going to outweigh the safety of your public drinking water, our drinking water systems may be the perfect step in keeping your tap water safe and pure.]]>