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Compact RO

Compact Commercial Reverse Osmosis System

The Rayne Compact Commercial Reverse Osmosis system is designed for demand of moderate to high usage of high quality, reverse osmosis water. Great for Food and Beverage, Manufacturing, Agricultural and many more applications. System sizes range from 150 to 800 gallons per day.


  • Fixed waste/recycle flow controls
  • Thin film composite membrane
  • Inlet/outlet pre-filter gauges
  • 10” 5-micron sediment filter
  • 10” carbon block pre-filters (2)
  • Feed water low pressure switch
  • 110 volt 50/60 hz
  • Powder coated steel frame
  • Liquid-filled system pressure gauge


  • Great for food & beverage needs
  • Great for manufacturing
  • Great for agriculture
  • Operating pressure 200 psi
  • Expandable 150 to 800 GPD
  • ¾ hp motor (800 gpd)
  • Feed water inlet solenoid valve
  • Stainless steel membrane vessel
  • Storage tank pressure switch

Our Compact Commercial RO Water System

Rayne Water is committed to purifying the water supply for you and your building. Our Compact Commercial Reverse Osmosis Water System handles moderate to high demand of reverse osmosis water.

This system is designed to improve the water quality for food and beverage, agricultural, and manufacturing businesses.

Durability and Longevity of Compact Commercial Reverse Osmosis System

The Compact Commercial Reverse Osmosis System is built to last and be durable. You can expect uninterrupted high-quality water for your building for years to come; saving money and time in the long run.

With power-coated steel frame and stainless steel membrane vessels, you can guarantee robust construction that doesn’t break at the slightest bit of wear-and-tear. You can control the waste and recycle flow with fixed controls, meeting the demands of moderate to high usage demands in various industries. The system’s quality components and expandability from 150 to 800 GPD make it a reliable and long-lasting solution for applications in food and beverage, manufacturing, and agriculture.

Installation and Setting Up Compact Commercial RO System

Not only is this water system effective and durable, but it is convenient to set up, even for first-timers! By following instructions from our experts, you’ll find the installation of the water system to be a breeze.

Additionally, maintenance is simple to do. By keeping it sanitized, regularly replacing the pre-filter, and checking the various parts of the system such as the faucet, leaks, pressure and flow rate, you’ll ensure the system lasts for years to come in good working condition.

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1. How does a Compact Commercial RO Water System work?

The compact Commercial RO (Reverse Osmosis) system utilizes pre-filters to remove sediment and contaminants, a thin film composite membrane to separate impurities, and a storage tank for purified water. Water is forced through the membrane, rejecting contaminants, and producing high-quality water for various applications.

2. Can this Compact Commercial RO system handle high water usage?

Definitely! The compact commercial RO system is built to handle high water usage in food and drink, manufacturing, and agricultural applications. Depending on your system size, you can expect to process 150-800 gallons a day.

3. What is the expected lifespan of the Compact Commercial Reverse Osmosis System?

With proper maintenance and care, you can expect the Compact Commercial Reverse Osmosis system to last for years to come. Many customers report that their system runs efficiently and without problems for far longer than they expected.

Contact us today to explore the possibilities of a Compact Commercial Reverse Osmosis Water System!