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Deionized Water

Deionized Water Exchange Service

Rayne Deionization (DI) is a process that produces large quantities of the highest quality, ultra-pure water efficiently and economically on an on-going basis. Check to see if your local Rayne Dealer provides De-ionized water services.


Carbon Tank Exchange

Carbon Tank Exchange Service

Rayne Carbon-Based Tank Exchange Service is a time tested way to have conditioned water service delivered right to your home. Experience the benefits of a system that provides Chlorine and Chloramine reduction along with the reduction of bad tastes and odors for your entire home.

soft water exchange

Soft Water Exchange

Soft Water Exchange Service

Rayne Soft Water Tank Exchange Service is a time tested way to have all the benefits of great soft water delivered right to your home. Hassle free with no salt to buy, no maintenance, no drain or electricity necessary.