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Rayne of Mesa

Location Serviced by Phoenix (38E. 5th Ave., Mesa, AZ 85210)

Phone Number

(480) 969-7251

Delivering nothing but the best drinking water solutions for your home and office

Got water problems? Rayne of Mesa can help. From Chandler to Tempe to Mesa to Gilbert and every area in between, Rayne of Mesa has been providing Residential and Commercial water treatment systems & solutions for all types of water related issues and concerns. We carry the latest innovative products and solutions from filtration systems to reverse osmosis drinking water systems. Customer satisfaction is a top priority for us and we make sure that we provide our clients with world class customer service. Whether you are looking for filtered water, a water conditioner or you need a whole house water softening treatment, Rayne Water offers a number of different water treatments and filters to improve the quality of your tap water.

Commercial Customers:
No matter how big or small your water treatment needs are, Rayne can help! Nitrates? Arsenic? TCP-123? Uranium? Bacteria? We handle it all with one of our water filter systems, give us a call today and let Rayne Water take care of it.

Residential Customers:
With a Rayne Drinking Water System, you can enjoy the great taste of a virtually unlimited amount of clean Rayne Water right at your kitchen sink and don’t stop there, our Water Softeners will treat hard water and save you money from the moment you begin to use them. Don’t trust normal plumbing services with this type of specialized work, instead let our experienced expert water systems technicians help with your water softener installation!

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    Rayne of Mesa

    Serviced by Phoenix (38E. 5th Ave., Mesa, AZ 85210)

    Rayne of Mesa is proud to be a local fixture in the Mesa and the surrounding area of Maricopa County neighborhoods. We’ve been serving our neighbors since 1955 with clean, healthy water & water purification systems. So, if you need a water conditioner or water treatment system in Mesa, a water filter in Apache Junction, water coolers in Tempe, a reverse osmosis system in Chandler, or salt-free water conditioning systems in Gilbert, we’ll be glad to help. If you own a business, we even offer commercial water conditioner and water softening treatments as well. Our whole house water conditioner and water treatment professionals are often in your neighborhood, whether you live in Mesa , Queen Creek, Twin Knolls, Chandler, Tempe, Gilbert, or somewhere in between. So, if you’re tired of hard water deposits and limescale buildup from water hardness and unwanted minerals, consider adding a water filtration system to your home water source. Give us a call today to learn about the different types of water filtration and water purification techniques! Get clean water ASAP by scheduling a free water test today!

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    Compare Us

    Learn why thousands of customers choose Rayne to soften their water and purify it from any contaminants. Our water treatment systems and portable soft water exchange tanks provide the Highest quality water for you and your needs.

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    System Benefits

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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      How long has Rayne Water been providing Mesa water services?

    • Since 1955, Rayne of Mesa has been a trusted Mesa water company for Water Softeners, Commercial Water Filter Systems, Water Coolers, and Water Conditioning Systems, serving both homes and businesses. Our exceptional service and customer satisfaction have earned the trust of countless customers in Mesa and beyond.

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      What types of water solutions does Rayne Water offer in Mesa, AZ?

    • We offer water solutions that enhance the water quality of your home or business in Mesa, AZ:

      • Water Softeners: Say goodbye to hard water problems like mineral buildup in plumbing, soap scum in the shower, and scale on fixtures.
      • Salt-Free Systems: Experience the benefits of a salt-free water conditioning system, which prevents scaling without the use of salt.
      • Hybrid Softeners/Conditioners: Get the best of both worlds with our hybrid systems that effectively remove hardness minerals.
      • Drinking Water Systems: Enjoy clean and great-tasting filtered water throughout your entire home or office.
      • Portable Exchange Service: Hassle-free exchange of water treatment tanks right at your doorstep.
      • Specialty Solutions: Tailored water treatment solutions to meet specific needs.
      • Bottleless Coolers: An eco-friendly and convenient way to access refreshing water without plastic waste.
      • Commercial Water Softeners: Industry-grade solutions for businesses and commercial establishments.
      • Commercial Reverse Osmosis: High-quality water purification systems for commercial use.
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      How does Rayne Water's installation of water softener in Mesa, AZ work?

    • Reach out to our water company in Mesa, AZ, and our experts will schedule a time for a consultation at your location. During the consultation, we’ll assess your water needs and recommend the most suitable water softener system. Upon your approval, our technicians will install the chosen system, ensuring it functions optimally.

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      What are the benefits of using Rayne Water's water solutions in Mesa, AZ?

    • Choosing Rayne Water for your water solutions in Mesa, AZ comes with many benefits:

      • Improved water quality throughout your home or business
      • Elimination of hard water issues, including plumbing buildup and scaling
      • Cleaner dishes and plumbing fixtures
      • Reduced plastic waste by providing clean drinking water at home
      • Customized solutions to match your specific requirements
      • Expert installation and maintenance services for long-lasting performance
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      Are Rayne Water's Mesa water services available for both residential and commercial customers?

    • We proudly serve both residential and commercial customers in Mesa, AZ. Whether you need water solutions for your home or business, we have the products and expertise to meet your needs.

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      Does Rayne Water offer water testing or analysis in Mesa, AZ to determine the quality of my water?

    • Yes, we do! Our water testing and analysis services in Mesa, AZ help us identify any contaminants, hardness levels, or other issues present in the water. Based on the results, we can then recommend the best water treatment solution.

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      How can I schedule a consultation or request a quote for water solutions in Mesa, AZ?

    • To purchase a new system or establish service, call 1-800 MAKE-IT-RAYNE or (480) 725-1374 for any inquiries.

      Want to request a quote? Simply fill out the form on our website, and your local water expert will be in touch within 24 business hours.

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      Does Rayne Water provide maintenance and repair services for their water systems in Mesa, AZ?

    • Yes, we do! We offer maintenance and repair Mesa water services for our water treatment systems in Mesa, AZ, ensuring that your investment provides you with high-quality water for years to come. Our technicians are always ready to assist you with any maintenance or repair needs.

    Cities Served

    • Apache Junction
    • Chandler
    • Gilbert
    • Mesa
    • Queen Creek
    • Sun Lakes
    • Tempe
    • Twin Knolls
    • West Chandler