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Company Info

Rayne Water has been in business since 1928, the oldest continual water conditioning name in existence. Rayne was founded in 1928, when Ray N. Eddy first began the assembly and sale of water softeners for residential and commercial use in Southern California. As the business grew, Mr. Eddy extracted the ‘Rayne’ name from his signature creating Rayne Water Conditioning.

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RayneWater logo

From there, the Rayne logo, a recipient of a national award for design in excellence, was symbolically developed. The dark blue drops on the top reflect dirty water, with the white drops underneath indicating clean, treated water.

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Rayne has been providing homes, businesses and commercial industries with the highest quality and widest range of water treatment systems. From the highest quality Water Softeners, to state-of–the- art Salt-Free Water Conditioners, to all-in- one Hybrid systems, to high efficiency Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water, to industry leading Tank Exchange Service, to environmentally conscious Bottleless Cooler Service, Rayne has all your water treatment needs covered. Rayne products are certified by IAPMO R&T ensuring that we are held to the highest standards of the industry verifying materials safety, structural integrity and system contaminant reduction performance. This allows us to offer our customers the best warranties in the industry.



New in 2017, this is the most efficient RO system on the market, saving you water and money all the while protecting you and your family by eliminating over 95% of all water contaminants. Additionally, in 2017 we also launched the RAYNE GUARDIAN 1250 with the XTR2 valve. This amazing Hybrid system does it all, softening the water for your entire home AND conditioning the water for your entire home as well, all in one system, and you have the ability to adjust the feel of your water with our hard water blending valve too.

All of us here at Rayne are extremely proud of our products and services and the fact that we provide a better quality of life through clean, treated water.

Corporate Contact Information

  • Rayne Corporation
  • 4635 Ruffner Street San Diego, CA 92111
  • 1-888-357-2963 (Corporate Info Only)