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    Why Rayne

    • Rayne Versus Big Box

      While prices at the big box store may seem attractive, a lower price often means lower quality, shortened lifespan, and higher maintenance expenses.

    • Rayne Versus Online

      E-Commerce may be a great way to shop for many things, but buying a properly sized water treatment system(s) that addresses the specific issues you have concerns with, and provides company trained installation and service, is virtually impossible.

    • Rayne Versus National

      National companies spend $millions on National TV commercials, advertising campaigns, and Retail partnerships, and thereby pass the costs on to you, the consumer.

    • Rayne Versus Plumbers

      They do not offer rentals, purchase only, and they will sell you what they have with no substantive assistance from the sales person. This can lead to incorrectly selecting the proper size or application.

    • Rayne Versus Salt-Free

      Salt-Free Companies specialize in, you guessed it, salt-free water systems, not water treatment. They will tell you it’s the best way to treat your water because that is all that they offer, not necessarily because it is the right treatment solution for your specific issues or home.

    • Rayne Versus Single Location

      Mom & Pop shops go in and out of business. Rayne Water has been around for over 90 years, and will be here when you need them.


    This is wonderful company. The customer service is excellent and every employee that I have worked with is very knowledgeable. I have terrible well water and they have provided a cost effective solution that really works! I would recommend them to any one that wants better water quality.

    Pat Crowder -
    Pure Water Sacramento

    I wanted to take a moment and write a comment, besides just giving 5 stars. We are so appreciative of the thoughtful and knowledgeable service provided. Service tech is on time, communicates well, and we appreciate his friendly professional attitude. We are comfortable having him in our home, which is huge. I see a few people have left poor reviews here, mostly related to griping about pricing. I think the service is reasonably priced, yes you can monkey wrench it yourself with Amazon parts not knowing what you are doing and you get what you pay for.

    Debra Bowker -
    Pure Water Sacramento

    Our technician showed up on time & throughly tested our water, both filtered & raw from the well. He was able to determine that our reverse osmosis tank was on its last legs & couldn’t maintain pressure, luckily he had a replacement in the truck & replaced the failing unit. Thanks for your expertise! See you next year.

    Edson Holmes -
    Pure Water Sacramento

    “Love them! I have had the same technician for the last 10 years, that installed the unit. Nice, professional and friendly too!”

    Donna Muzzi Delno, Pure Water Sacramento review

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