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Rayne of San Bernardino

Location Serviced by Irvine (17835 Sky Park Cir. Irvine, CA 92614)

Delivering nothing but the best water treatment systems for your home and office

Rayne of San Bernardino is proud to have been a part of the Inland Empire community since 1970. Whether it’s a water softener system or reverse osmosis water filter, we provide the Inland Empire with residential and commercial water softener solutions for every need.

Water Softeners vs Reverse Osmosis Systems:

While there is one common problem of hard water minerals, there are a few different solutions to improve water usage and quality that we provide to our customers (depending on their living situation and budget).

A reverse osmosis system does exactly what its namesake describes. An RO system utilizes the principles of osmosis to filter your water supply via an RO membrane to remove dissolved minerals, solids, unwanted impurities and contaminants (along with chlorine).

By contrast, a water softening system utilizes a process known as “ion exchange” where sodium ion resin beads gently, yet effectively removes dissolved mineral ions that cause hard water.

Instead of passing the hard mineral water through a membrane, sodium ion resin beads eliminate hard minerals, softening the water supply directly from your plumbing.

The ideal water treatment system that combines both of these water filter systems to get the cleanest, highest drinking water quality and hard water mineral protection possible. However, we are here to find the best water water solution for YOU.

Why Rayne Water?

Looking for a soft water solution to your hard water problems? Our Highly Trained staff of Technicians provide 24 hour emergency and radio dispatched service to get your water filters working like new and serve your clean water treatment needs.

For both residential and commercial water systems, our local water experts are happy to explain how our water systems work, determine the best water system for you, schedule water filter installation, and more to improve your water usage.

We understand that determining your ideal hard water solution can be difficult. While understanding the basics of removing hardness minerals from water helps, consulting a water professional is ultimately the best way to get the right water filtration solution for your needs. Whether it ranges from reverse osmosis and water softener education to water softener system issues, we are here to serve your water filter and treatment needs.

Water hardness inside your home’s water supply can cause more than just poor tasting drinking water from your tap, the dissolved minerals also cause buildup and water spots on appliances and plumbing fixtures. With a Rayne Drinking Water System, homeowners can enjoy great tasting water right at your kitchen faucet that’s free of hard minerals, contaminants and chemicals. No more wasting money on bottled water!

At Rayne of San Bernardino, our Water Softeners and reverse osmosis water filter systems will treat water hardness and save you money from the very moment you start using them. We also offer Home and Office Water Coolers.

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    Rayne of San Bernardino

    Serviced by Irvine (17835 Sky Park Cir. Irvine, CA 92614)

    Rayne of San Bernardino is proud to be a local fixture in the Inland Empire. Since 1970 , our water softener systems and filters have removed hard minerals, softened water, and served our neighbors with clean drinking and high water quality. So, if you need a water softener salt-free in San Bernardino, reverse osmosis in Perris, water filters in Riverside, salt water-free water filtration systems in Corona, or bottleless water coolers in Moreno Valley, we’ll be glad to help.

    Our local water experts are happy to help you learn how water filters work, find the best water softener or filter system for you, schedule water filter installation, and more. We’re often in your neighborhood, whether you live in Menifee, Fontana, Loma Linda, Edgemont, Hemet, Riverside, Redlands, Lake Elsinore, or somewhere in between, so give us a call today!

    Our Highly Trained staff of Technicians provide 24 hour emergency and radio dispatched service to get your water filters working like new and serve your clean water treatment needs.

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    System Benefits

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