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Rayne Water Conditioning is a family owned and operated company since 1928. We offer many water treatment services along with the best warranties and prices in the Westside Los Angeles Area. Whether it be a rental or purchase, you deserve clean drinking water from your own kitchen sink. We provide easy treatment & filtration solutions to get rid of your hard water. Our highly trained team is ready to serve you.

Rayne Water of Santa Monica offers several money saving solutions to the problems created by the hard water in our area. We also offer water purification and filtration systems as alternatives to the thousands of plastic drinking water bottles we use every year that end up in the land fill harming our environment.

Rayne also has a wide variety of water softeners systems and reverse osmosis drinking water systems to choose from. Available for both your home or office – having a soft water system will save you time and money. If you are a business owner, installing a commercial water softener system into your office is one of the only ways you can guarantee that you have access to clean drinking water. Our hard water solutions and water filtration systems purify tap water and reduce the levels of chlorine, minerals, bacteria, calcium, and other contaminants that are often found in our water supply.

Whether you are looking for reverse osmosis water filtration products, water conditioners, water softener treatment systems, we’ll walk you through the different purified water options so you can find the best one for you and your home.

Ready to add a residential water filter and water softener system to your water supply? Call us today to learn more about our hard water solutions for your home!


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Rayne of Santa Monica

Santa Monica, CA

For decades, Rayne Water of Santa Monica has been a cornerstone of the Westside of Los Angeles. While water treatment companies come and go, we’re here to meet your needs year after year. So, if you need Reverse Osmosis systems in Bel Air, Bottleless Coolers at your Malibu office, water filtration systems at your Brentwood condo, or Water Softening in Culver City – just give us a call! Have questions you’d like to ask? We’re often in the West Hollywood, Marina Del Rey, Venice, Los Angeles and Beverely Hills neighborhoods and the surrounding areas as well.


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