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Rayne of Scottsdale

Location Serviced by Phoenix (15602 N 32nd St. Phoenix, AZ 85032)

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Delivering nothing but the best for your home and office

At Rayne of Scottsdale, our water softeners and residential water treatment systems will save you money from the very moment you begin to use them. Our Water Softener Systems significantly reduce the amount of soap, detergents and cleaners you use – by as much as 80% less!

Rayne of Scottsdale has been providing Water Softeners, Commercial Water Filter Systems, Water Coolers and Water Conditioning Systems for homes and businesses in the valley since 1958. We pride ourselves in great service and customer satisfaction!

Whether you realize it or not, your home tap water can have traces of chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, and other chemicals lurking within the faucet. If you’re not using a residential/commercial reverse osmosis system or a water softening system already, you may be exposing yourself to these harmful contaminants on a daily basis. Hard water in your plumbing fixtures and showers can leave mineral deposits and lead to irritated and dry skin if left untreated. If that wasn’t enough, hard water can also affect the taste and odor of your tap water as well.

At Rayne Water, we want to help you improve the quality of your drinking water from the source. That’s why we offer a number of different treatment systems and water purification products to bring purified water right into your home.

Thanks to a wide assortment of water treatment options, your home, office or business can have a constant supply of healthy, great-tasting drinking water and luxurious, spot-free, soft water.

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    Rayne of Scottsdale

    Serviced by Phoenix (15602 N 32nd St. Phoenix, AZ 85032)

    Rayne of Scottsdale has been serving Scottsdale and the surrounding area with water solutions and water treatment for over 55 years. Don’t leave this complex intricate work to the normal plumbers in Scottsdale, instead seek out our expert technicians at Rayne of Scottsdale. If you need water softeners in your Scottsdale home, water coolers in your Fountain Hills office, water filtration in your Paradise Valley residence, or reverse osmosis systems in your Phoenix restaurant, Rayne of Scottsdale is here to lend a hand! Need to visit with a water professional that understands Arizona’s water conditions? We’re often in the following communities: Scottsdale, Avondale, Carefree, Cave Creek, Fountain Hills, Glendale, Paradise Valley, and Sun City.

    Need help answering questions or deciding between water purification systems? Call us today and we can help explain the difference between our water softener units and recommend a solution that’s right for you.

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    Learn why thousands of customers choose Rayne to soften their water and purify it from any contaminants. Our water treatment systems and portable soft water exchange tanks provide the Highest quality water for you and your needs.

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    System Benefits

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    Why Choose Rayne Water of Scottsdale?

    Our ultimate goal is to elevate the quality of your drinking water right from the source. That’s why we offer effective treatment systems and water purification products, ensuring clean water is available in your home, office, or business. With our Water Softener Systems, you can experience a remarkable reduction in soap, detergent, and cleaner usage by as much as 80%!

    Enjoy a constant supply of great-tasting drinking water and the experience of soft water that will leave you satisfied.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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      How long has Rayne Water been serving the Scottsdale area?

    • For over five decades, Rayne Water has been the leading provider of water solutions and water treatment services to the vibrant community of Scottsdale. Our dedication to delivering nothing short of excellence in service and ensuring customer satisfaction has earned us the trust of many customers.

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      What types of water solutions does Rayne Water offer in Scottsdale?

    • Our Scottsdale water company offers the following water solutions:

      • Water Softeners: Say goodbye to hard water problems like mineral buildup in plumbing, soap scum in the shower, and scale on fixtures.
      • Salt-Free Systems: Experience the benefits of a salt-free water conditioning system, which prevents scaling without the use of salt.
      • Hybrid Softeners/Conditioners: Get the best of both worlds with our hybrid systems that effectively remove hardness minerals.
      • Drinking Water Systems: Enjoy clean and great-tasting filtered water throughout your entire home or office.
      • Portable Exchange Service: Hassle-free exchange of water treatment tanks right at your doorstep.
      • Specialty Solutions: Tailored water treatment solutions to meet specific needs.
      • Bottleless Coolers: An eco-friendly and convenient way to access refreshing water without plastic waste.
      • Commercial Water Softeners: Industry-grade solutions for businesses and commercial establishments.
      • Commercial Reverse Osmosis: High-quality water purification systems for commercial use.
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      How does Rayne Water's water softener installation in Scottsdale work?

    • Once you contact us, we will schedule a convenient time to visit your location. Our expert technicians will then assess your water needs and provide personalized recommendations based on your needs. Upon agreement, we’ll proceed with the installation, ensuring a seamless process for you.

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      Are Rayne Water's Scottsdale water services available for both residential and commercial customers?

    • Yes, our Scottsdale water services are available for both residential and commercial customers.

      Need a water softener for your home or a commercial reverse osmosis system for your business? We have the solutions to cater to all your water treatment needs.

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      Can Rayne Water help with improving the quality of my drinking water in Scottsdale?

    • Absolutely! Improving the quality of your drinking water is one of our main goals. With our water treatment options, including reverse osmosis systems and drinking water systems, we provide you access to clean and great-tasting water in your Scottsdale property.

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      How can I schedule a consultation or request a quote for water solutions in Scottsdale?

    • Simply call us at 1-800 MAKE-IT-RAYNE to purchase a new system or establish service.

      Alternatively, you can fill out the form on our website, and one of our local water experts will be in touch with you within 24 business hours.

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      Does Rayne Water offer maintenance and repair services for their water systems in Scottsdale?

    • Yes, we provide maintenance and repair services for our water systems in Scottsdale. Our experienced technicians are readily available to address any issues and perform regular maintenance to guarantee your system’s longevity.

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      What sets Rayne Water apart from other water companies in Scottsdale?

    • With a history dating back to 1928, we have unparalleled experience in water treatment and conditioning, making us the oldest continual water company in Scottsdale, AZ. Our range of water treatment solutions, from water softeners to reverse osmosis systems, allows us to cater to residential and commercial needs. With a team of highly skilled technicians, we are always performing efficient installations, maintenance, and repairs.

    Cities Served

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    • Avondale
    • Buckeye
    • Carefree
    • Cave Creek
    • Chandler
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