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Archive for February, 2017

How to Make Water Conservation a Way of Life

Posted by Rayne Water

Living with Less Water in California Water Conservation CA Drought Here in California, we have had to learn how to live with less water while still trying to maintain the same quality of life. While it has been no easy feat, Californians have done a pretty decent job of conserving water during the last several years of drought. Most of that was probably due to the restrictions that came from state officials. Now that those restrictions have been lifted however, the question is:

Have Californian’s committed to making water conservation a way of life?
It is much easier to commit to short term changes – long term changes are another matter altogether. Limiting water waste in our homes must be a lifelong commitment. We live in an arid climate and even if the drought conditions subside, water is always going to be at a premium here. Historically, Californians have been some of the biggest water wasters around, with some areas not even monitoring water usage at all! Californians have been known for their lawns and landscaping. That takes water, water we desperately need to be responsible with.

What can we do?
A recent article in the Washington Post, by author Darryl Fears, discusses water conservation trends as a way of life. Too often, we see water wasted as it runs down sidewalks instead of grass, or watering at the wrong time of day when the grass won’t drink it up as much. Tracy Quinn, a water policy analyst for the Natural Resources Defense Council, has seen enough.

There could be some dramatic changes in store for the state when it comes to how residents use their water.
A water management plan that could be finalized early this year, is designed to make water conservation “a way of life.” In the past, the Governor forced the state’s 410 water agencies to dramatically reduce their water use. The new plan would instead give each water agency a budget for how much water its customers are allowed to use. Many agencies will be required to purchase technology that detects even the smallest leaks in water lines and to hire data analysts to record and report water use. While this is positive, and most residents are understanding of the changes that need to be made, there are some things that everyone can do to reduce their own water waste within their home.

Change is Good!
One thing Californians struggle with is their water quality; from nitrates to arsenic and pretty much everything in between! This is why so many residents opt to filter their drinking water. Unfortunately though, too many neglect to factor in the need for water conservation when choosing a water filtration system. There are new products on the market today, with advanced water filtration technology, that drastically reduces the water waste seen in a typical reverse osmosis systems. Traditional reverse osmosis systems are known to waste water. It doesn’t have to be that way if you invest in a better product. Change is good, and this case, water conservation is for the benefit both us and our state. This drought seems to be never-ending, and who knows if things will ever return to normal. All we can do is be responsible with the water that we do have. We can make better choices in how we use our water, how much water we use and even how we choose to filter our drinking water. Are you a Californian interested in water purification systems? We are here to help! Here at Rayne Water, we have many California locations ready to serve you. From commercial drinking water softeners & filtration systems in Santa Barbara all the way to water softener installations in San Jose…we have you covered. Call today!