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A Hard Water Experiment Gone Wrong

Rayne of Irvine, we like to think of ourselves as experts in the field of hard and soft water. On our website, you will find an informational video of an experiment that went “all wrong.” No, not the experiment itself, but rather the outcome of the hard water. We know that our neighbors here in the Southwest deal with hard water on a daily basis. But we also know that with a Rayne of Irvine water softener the struggles of hard water disadvantages is over and you will start living differently in your home.
The purpose of the experiment is just one piece of the puzzle – to show how soft water reacts better with less soap and detergent to clean your clothing properly than when you use it in hard water. Cost comparisons are often an easy way for consumers to make decisions about purchases, rentals, and change in general. The experiment begins with two flasks. In one flask, hard water, and the other flask contains softened water from Rayne of Irvine. Three drops of a pure soap (like that which a doctor would use) are added to each flask. After being shaken, the hard water does not create suds, but rather a gray color. The soft water reacts better to the soap, creating suds in the clear water. With only a few drops of soap, the soft water would be ready to clean. But hard water requires much more soap or detergent to clean clothing properly, and often creates a dull color on your whites or lighter colored clothing.
Other cost incentives for softened water come from facts from experts all over. According to a study from the Battelle Memorial Institute, “appliances and plumbing in soft water lasted longer and needed fewer repairs. There were no water spots, tarnish, or stains to be cleaned away. Specifically, the water heaters using soft water had operating costs 47% less than those water heaters used with hard water. Even the most energy efficient water heater on the market was 10% more efficient with softened water. Another segment of the study compared showerheads. Those being used with hard water lost 75% of the flow rate in less than 18 months – and in some cases only had six tiny holes left open to spray water, while showerheads used with soft water maintained a brilliant luster, full flow, and good-as-new performance. Water softeners also were shown to reduce a home’s carbon footprint by over 14% – just on water heating.” Likewise, our water softener systems will significantly reduce the amount of soap, detergents and cleaners you use – by as much as 80% less! For more information about how you could live differently with soft water, or to see this experiment in the video, click here. Between savings and convenience, a water softener from Rayne of Irvine could be the perfect addition to your home.