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Benefits of an Office Water Cooler

Is your office considering getting an office water cooler? Providing fresh drinking water to your employees can benefit their health and productivity while improving your working environment. 

There are many must-have office amenities that any business owners should purchase, but investing in a water cooler is a must. When it comes to getting an office water coolers, you’ll have to decide whether to go with a bottled water delivery service or whether to go with a bottle-less water cooler dispenser. There are numerous advantages to investing in a bottle-less water cooler. Understanding these advantages can help you make a decision that will save your office money while delivering nearly unlimited clean, filtered water that is available on-demand for your staff. 

#1 Cost-Effective

Bottle-less coolers are very cost-effective compared to alternative methods of getting clean, great-tasting, filtered drinking water in your office. With a bottled water delivery service, you’ll have to pay for the water in the bottles, a deposit on each bottle, and a rental fee for the cooler unless you own it.

With a bottle-less office water cooler, you’ll have a higher initial investment but lower ongoing costs. Over time, the system will more than pay for itself.

#2 Virtually Unlimited Water

Bottle-less water coolers for offices can provide nearly limitless filtered drinking water. Contrast this with a bottled water delivery service, where you pay for each 5-gallon bottle that you order. Though you are able to have a water cooler service with bottled water, your office workers are limited to how much water they can drink. Worse comes to worst, you run out of the purified water jugs. Then, what are employees to do when they want quality filtered water? 

With Rayne’s bottle-less water cooler for office, your water will be available on demand. If demand increases, you won’t be left scrambling for an extra delivery of bottles. This makes bottle-less water coolers a scalable solution for filtered drinking water in an office environment.

#3 Less Hassle

Rayne’s bottle-less office water filter systems are hassle-free. With our filtration system, you’ll simply have to set it up once, and you’ll have access to a nearly unlimited supply of clean, on-demand water.

Bottled water coolers require users to change out the bottle when it runs out. A typical 5-gallon bottle of water weighs 42 lbs. This makes it difficult for many people to change out the bottle. Changing out the bottle can lead to spills, cracked bottles, and frustration. Getting a drink of fresh water shouldn’t have to be such a hassle. Avoiding the hassle of bottled water can be done by switching to a bottle-less water cooler for your office.

Get started today! We specialize in providing the purest water possible!

#4 Smaller Footprint

For a bottled water delivery service in an office setting, you’ll need quite a bit of space. Along with the cooler, you’ll need an area near the cooler to store the full bottles. You won’t want it too far because carrying a 42lb bottle to the cooler can be tiring. You’ll want enough water to last until your next delivery, so you will have to factor in how many bottles you need and how much space that will take up. You will also need an area to store the empty bottles until they can be exchanged for full bottles on your delivery date.

In contrast, bottle-less office water filtration systems only take up as much space as the cooler itself. The form factor of the cooler is similar to a bottled water cooler, allowing it to fit nearly anywhere in an office environment. If space is especially tight, Rayne has a Countertop bottle-less Water Cooler that requires even less space.

#5 Protect Against Contaminants

Even though water quality is regulated in the United States, the number of contaminants in your tap water can vary. One of the only ways to truly protect yourself against an unexpected rise in contaminants is to filter your source water before you drink it.

Our Rayne bottle-less water coolers utilize two filtration methods; reverse osmosis and activated carbon. Reverse osmosis filtration takes contaminated water and forces it through a specialized membrane with very small pores. Those pores allow water molecules through but capture larger contaminants such as heavy metals and microbes.

Our activated carbon filtration removes the volatile organic compounds (VOCs), disinfection chemicals and their by-products, fluoride, and other chemicals that can alter the state and smell of the water. You are left with clean, filtered water delivered on-demand.

Final Thoughts

So, why does your office needs a commercial water filter system? Well, to start, Bottle-less water coolers are the ideal solution for providing clean, filtered water in an office environment. Our bottle-less water coolers have a small footprint, so you won’t have to worry about where to store your full or empty water bottles. With countertop bottle-less water coolers available, you can make filtered water available to your staff even in tight spaces.

Bottle-less water coolers filter water through two different filtration methods; reverse osmosis and activated carbon. This ensures that a wide range of contaminants is captured, and results in consistently clean, filtered water. An added advantage of these systems is that, unlike bottled water delivery services, you never run out of filtered water.

In the end, bottle-less water coolers are more cost-effective than bottled water delivery services. With a bottle-less water cooler system, you won’t have to deal with ongoing service fees, change filters, load heavy bottles, or schedule additional water deliveries. This saves your office money and time. 

To learn more about the importance of water filtration and our bottle-less water coolers, please contact Rayne today. Our water quality specialists can help you schedule a water test and explain what filtration system options are available to you. 

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