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California Drought Could Lead to Water Contamination

Water Technology Online, experts in California have warned that the state’s drought conditions could actually lead to contaminated groundwater, putting our drinking water at risk. There are currently ten rural water systems where people with private wells have been identified by the California Department of Public Health as being at risk of running out of drinking water in 60 days because of drought. It is said that the drought has caused some contaminants already present in the groundwater to become concentrated, contaminating wells in these areas. With a normal level of rainfall, contaminant levels could be considered safe and measured under the limits, but the drought has created the risk of high levels of arsenic and other chemicals. State and public health officials promised to truck in water to the affected communities when necessary, but how long could this last?
Since private well owners are often left to their own testing, unlike public water systems. Residents have to monitor regularly for contamination, but there may be an easier solution to rely on. Would you make an investment in your water to ensure it is contaminant-free and protect your home? Our drinking water systems are eco-friendly and waste less water than traditional reverse osmosis systems. Our advanced technology allows residents access to a full amount of safe drinking water- even those residents who have wells. Give your family the tools to protect and conserve the water you have right now and prepare your home for the water you may have in the future. Contact us today to learn which of our drinking water systems would be best for your home.