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Free Water Testing for Lead in California Schools

California schools can have their drinking water tested for lead for free … so why aren’t many schools getting the tests done? According to a recent article in the San Francisco Chronicle two-thirds of the state’s 1,026 school districts have not taken advantage of a free … yes free … state testing program to determine whether lead is coming out of the taps. We obviously want our children to be safe in school; and while there’s plenty to worry about these days, the quality of drinking water should not one of them.

Concerns of Lead in Drinking Water

Why is this a significant issue for parents to be concerned about? Well, exposure to high levels of lead can cause irreversible neurological and brain damage, including lowering a child’s IQ. There’s a continued urgency to instill healthy habits in our children. One of the most important being that they drink more water throughout the day. But how can we encourage our children to stop at the water fountains in school if the drinking water could contain lead? It’s been reported that some California schools have even had to close off their water fountains due to known lead contamination.

An Easy Solution for Lead Free Drinking Water

If your school has had lead in their drinking in the past or has not recently tested their water for lead, you may want to start the year off by taking matters into your own hands. Make sure they have plenty of lead free drinking water available to them. It’s easier to do than you may think! Buying and sending your students off with bottled water is not the answer. While this might seem like a simple solution, this will likely lead to toxic plastic waste not properly being recycled. Some schools don’t have recycling programs and even if they do, many water bottles still end up in the garbage. Instead, consider installing a home drinking water system which can filter your home’s tap water. Not only will you be assured that your home drinking water is free of lead, your children will have access to lead free drinking water to take to school. Just send them with a reusable water bottle filled with safe high-quality drinking water they will be able to drink throughout the day. Parenting is hard. Being a kid is hard. Knowing what is in your child’s drinking water doesn’t have to be hard. We make it easy. Give us a call and start enjoying water that you KNOW is safe for your family.]]>