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Habit of Hydration

Cooler weather here in California has many of us changing our habits. Whether you are exercising inside or staying cooler from the hot summer sun, one habit that shouldn’t change is staying hydrated. Many people believe that drinking water is only important during extreme temperatures or when performing extensive exercise activity, but the truth is that staying hydrated all day, every day no matter what the season will lead you to a healthier, happier life.
The cooler weather tends to have us feeling refreshed and thirst is the last thing we are thinking about. When we don’t feel thirsty, we don’t drink as much. However, keeping up with your exercise routine even in cooler weather has plenty of benefits. It is a great way to cure those “winter blues.” It also increases your energy levels, as long as you continue to stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of quality water is essential because you can become just as dehydrated in cooler weather as you can in the heat, and we tend to drink less in the cooler weather because it isn’t on our minds.
To stay hydrated even in the cooler temperatures, experts encourage people to stay away from sugary soft drinks and stick with filtered tap water from a drinking water system. This tap water, free of potentially harmful contaminants, will have you feeling better and looking better all year long. Our home drinking water systems work to effectively reduce contamination through the most advanced drinking water technology and keeping you hydrated and healthy. Hydration habits shouldn’t be forgotten when the cooler weather hits. Staying hydrated all year long is an important part of our daily routines and our drinking water systems are the perfect tools to help you remember to drink quality water daily.