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High Efficiency Water Filter with Low Costs

Wouldn’t you love to get more from your money without actually having to pay more? In this day in age, we have so many appliances and electronic devices. We live in a world driven by technology which translates to using a lot of energy and paying for it with our monthly energy bills. A couple of days ago, we (as a nation) celebrated National Cut Your Energy Costs Day, a day to create an awareness on how to lower energy costs and promoting less energy use while saving more money. Interested in a home drinking water system, but afraid to add yet another system to your home’s energy bills and consumption? With our water filters which use LINX® technology, you may not have to worry about that at all.
Our reverse osmosis systems are leading the competition in water technology and efficiency. For instance, a recent study by Van Newenhizen and Associates evaluated the use of water in several types of POU water treatment systems under various conditions – and our LINX product came out head and shoulders above the others. Not only was it shown to be incredibly effective, its efficiency demonstrated advantages when compared to other competitors making it a great choice for a water filter. In their executive summary, they stated that “The LINX system demonstrated superior efficiency in this study comparing typical and enhanced RO systems and a capacitive deionization system.” The temperature and pressure of the water tested didn’t even make an impact on the system efficiency. Water waste can be excessive with other systems and National Cut Your Energy Cost Day is a great reminder to reduce waste in all forms and save energy in whatever ways we can to protect and preserve this great planet – and our bank accounts!
When we conserve energy, we conserve money and time. Our water filters require less energy and electricity to function. The electricity cost is about $0.004 per gallon of drinking water produced based on the highest electrical rates in the US. That’s less than it costs to run your toaster or your blow dryer. Likewise, if a customer used one gallon of drinking water per day they can expect to save money on their water and sewer bill. The more water you use with our products, the more the savings add up. To learn more about the features and benefits to one of our drinking water systems, contact us today. When it comes time to remind ourselves to conserve energy and cut energy costs through financial savings, you will feel good about choosing us as your energy partner and know you have done something right.