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How much longer will your tap water be safe to drink?

American’s who have traveled to foreign countries can appreciate the confidence we have that water running out of taps in American households is safe to drink. It isn’t necessarily that way in other countries due to contaminants and lack of municipal treatment facilities. In the United States we have put forth a lot of effort – and money – making certain our water is safe to drink. This particular job is the responsibility of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). They have enacted laws that help to guide municipalities in their water treatment practices.

We don’t ever want to find out what it is like to not be able to simply drink our own water. But that is potentially in our future with the constant budget cutting that is going on in Washington. Our government has to find ways to cut expenses to improve our deficit, however endangering our clean drinking water would have far more expensive outcomes than the cuts could save. Unfortunately, those cuts have been made to the Safe Water Revolving Fund when it is in the process of urging upgrades and improvements in the declining water treatment systems that provide American’s with clean drinking water.

Municipal water treatment facilities need to be kept up to date in order to guarantee the removal of contaminants. When these facilities are strapped for money they don’t keep their facility in top working condition. Everything ages and breaks down, whether it is repaired or properly maintained depends on the money provided. If that money is lacking then the repairs will likely be lacking as well. When this all begins to fall apart, safe clean water will simply be a distant memory. Our public health will be at stake, but it can be prevented.

While the municipal systems may be in danger of not being reliable, we can take the matter into our own hands. There are home water treatment systems available on the market today that will also remove contaminants from our water and make the tap water safe to drink again. The reverse osmosis systems and home water filtration systems will become more and more important. We need to keep ourselves and our children healthy and if it comes down to the homeowner providing safe drinking water, these systems will be invaluable. Many Americans have discovered the use of these systems and have found the drinking water to be far superior to any regular tap water. People don’t usually drink water if it tastes or smells bad; these systems make it easy to drink water. While boiling water would remove many pathogens and bacteria, there are certain contaminants that can’t be removed with boiling. The only way to guarantee safe drinking water is through water treatment or filtration. Don’t trust the municipality to take care of you and provide you with safe water to drink; we aren’t certain that we can trust in that now or in the future. Budget cuts have to be made; don’t let them affect your health and well being. Do that for yourself by installing your own water treatment system. For information on the systems available on the market today visit Rayne Water.