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Impress Your Guests with Your Water

hard water, like the majority of U.S. citizens do, you might consider the quality of your water before your holiday company arrives.  Hard water is simply water that has excess minerals in it, usually calcium and magnesium, and those minerals build up over time on any surface that the water comes in contact with.  This includes bathroom sinks, tubs, and showers, as well as dishes and even your own skin or hair when taking a shower. If you want your house in tip-top shape for your holiday visitors, you will probably find yourself spending extra time cleaning those rooms in the house, such as the bathrooms, that are high traffic areas and easily get dirty.  If you have hard water, your task will be that much more difficult because you will have the mineral buildup on the sink, toilet, tub, and shower to clean off.  Once these items come in contact with your hard water again, however, the excess minerals will begin to accumulate, meaning that you’ll be cleaning it all over again very shortly. If you have overnight guests during the holidays, they will also be using the shower and possibly your laundry facilities.  With either of these, they will find that your hard water leaves them with skin, hair, and clothes that just don’t feel clean, or at least dry and itchy.  This is because hard water does not clean as effectively as soft water due to its high mineral content. So, even though you’re busy with other holiday preparations, you owe it to yourself to check out the quality of your water.  Start by having a water test completed by a local water treatment company and if it is determined to be hard, educate yourself on what water softener options are available to you.  A whole house water softener system will save you some stress this holiday season and make your life easier all year long!]]>