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Lack of Reporting Sited in Contaminated Water

Only recently, West Union, officials learned about a spill took place over the summer at a location upstream from the community’s drinking water intake.
West Union’s drinking water treatment plant began experiencing high levels of manganese in the incoming water in mid-July through October. The levels recorded were four times higher than normal. While manganese is not dangerous, it does affect drinking water taste and odor. In fact it turned the water dark,”like tea”
They had no idea what was causing the elevated levels until Oct. 23, when a West Union City Council member called the treatment plant to ask about a spill that he had just read about in the Clarksburg Exponent-Telegram. That spill had been reported to the WV Department of Environmental Protection’s Spill Hotline on Aug. 25. Until the Council Member saw the article, the plant was totally unaware the spill had occurred since the EPA had failed to report the incident to West Union officials.
West Union is demanding answers but this event serves as a reminder that home water treatment systems can remove manganese and provide homeowners with superior, healthier water.
Read more about this article here. For information about removing manganese or other contaminants from your home’s water supply, contact your local Rayne Dealer.