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National Protect Your Groundwater Day 2010

National Ground Water Association with the hopes of making the public more aware of the quality and quantity of water that we use and have available.
We often take clean water for granted in America because our municipalities test, treat, and provide a seemingly unending source of water. Because of that, Americans use more water per person than any other country in the world! We should be careful though, because the testing and treatment comes at a cost and the supply is limited. So, let’s think beyond our kitchen sink for just a moment. Where does the water come from? 95% of all available freshwater comes from underground aquifers – groundwater. That’s a huge percentage, and we’d have a really tough time coming up with an affordable and reliable replacement source if those aquifers were badly contaminated or depleted.
So, as part of Protect Your Groundwater Day, let’s take action in two different ways – let’s prevent contamination and promote conservation. Contamination doesn’t just occur because of human action, it’s also a daily occurrence in nature as water is exposed to microorganisms, radioactive compounds, and heavy metals. As individuals, we have little control over naturally occurring contamination, so that means we need to be extra diligent in preventing the contamination that we can control! Conservation is also something we have direct control over. We can choose to shut off the faucet while brush our teeth, we can choose high-efficiency appliances, we can plant geographically appropriate landscapes.
Here at Rayne Water Corporation, we promise to do our part. We recently introduced the Rayne Evolution Drinking Water System with LINX Technology, which is a drinking water system that uses a fraction of the amount of water as a traditional reverse osmosis system. We also offer our water softener customers Exchange Tank Services, so that no salt is used or discharged from our customers’ homes. We do the regeneration process in a controlled environment so that water is not wasted and salt is not flushed down the drain.
Let’s all make a commitment to keeping our groundwater safe, not only for today but for generations to come.
To watch an interesting video about where our water comes from, click HERE.