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Nothing’s Better Than a Hot Cup of Tea

January is National Hot Tea Month and we will agree with millions of other people around the world that there is nothing quite as soothing and relaxing as a cup of tasty, hot tea. For thousands of years, tea has been recognized as a key to good health, and even in today’s modern world it is still touted as having many useful health benefits. Experts agree that all tea is good ; however, we say that all good tea starts with great water.
According to a recent article from WCPO News, green tea consists of natural compounds called polyphenols which may actually protect against several cancers, including those of the prostate, GI tract, lungs, breast, and skin. Likewise, those tea polyphenols strengthen bones and protect against fractures. Furthermore, those who drink tea could see improvements in mood, concentration and performance.
How you make your tea matters and it can certainly affect the final outcome as many tea drinkers know. It takes good water to make good tea. When you have contaminants in your tap water, flavors can be altered or overpowered by the less-appealing flavors of minerals or chemicals which could be present in your tap water. Experts and tea aficionados alike agree that it is best to use purified water or filtered water to avoid any issues that may affect the taste of your tea. Hard water should always be filtered for the best tasting tea. Water filters are available for those with specific water problems or a desire for truly excellent water.
Many people use tap water and boil it on their stovetop before adding the tea. However, boiling contaminated tap water could actually make some contaminants more concentrated and worse for your health. Boiling nitrate-contaminated water does not make it safe to drink and actually increases the concentration of nitrates.
For consumers, the best choice for making great-tasting tea and other beverages is tap water filtered by our home drinking water systems. Our drinking water systems remove harmful contaminants and other pollution which could affect the taste of your water and in turn, your tea. For something that is so good for you to drink, shouldn’t it taste as good too? With one of our water filtration systems, it can!