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Rayne of Phoenix Receives Environmental Honor

Rayne of Phoenix is adding another very distinguished award to their list of accomplishments. The Arizona Water Association is recognizing Rayne Water’s Zero Liquid Discharge Facility for Centralized Water Softening Regeneration Operation with the Arizona Water 2011 Water Reuse Project of the Year award. This award will be presented on May 4th at the 84th Arizona Water Association Annual Conference. These awards are presented every year to recognize those companies that show outstanding engineering excellence and achievement in the water, wastewater, and water reuse categories. All the projects that are submitted are judged based on criteria including innovative application of a new or existing technique, social and economic considerations, and the ability to meet consumer needs.

Traditional water softeners use and discharge a lot of salt throughout the water softening process. This discharge of excess salt has been found to be contaminating water that was being reused for irrigation purposes. While reusing the water was a step in the right direction, this water was actually found to be killing the grass on golf courses in Scottsdale Arizona.

Rayne Water of Phoenix is the first to take these traditional water softeners and change the way they work to make them environmentally friendly. Rayne Water now focuses their water softening products almost entirely on metered systems and soft water exchange tank services. They took it one step further in guaranteeing that at no point will their systems flush salt down the drain and into any septic system. Their solution is to desalinate and recycle the water before discharging it as wastewater. Tank regeneration is confined to a properly designed desalination facility so that the salt discharge is nearly 0% and water usage is reduced by at least 2/3. Because the spent tanks are regenerated at a special facility, Rayne provides the exchange tank service in which a Rayne representative comes to the home and picks up the spent tank leaving a recharged tank in its place. The spent tank is transported back to the facility and is emptied into a regeneration vat, the resin is backwashed, and the tank is recharged. The water used in the backwash and regeneration process is captured, filtered, and reused in the next regeneration cycle. The solids that are filtered out in the backwash water are recycled as well, so no water is wasted, and no salt is dumped.

This process certainly changes the impact on the consumer as well. Consumers no longer need to buy and carry salt bags home to run through the water softener. And they don’t have a guilty conscience over the effects of flushed excess salt on the environment. Consider now if just 100 homes were to use this type of water softener and tank service for one year, over 3 million gallons of water would be saved, over 400,000 pounds of salt would be kept out of the septic systems, waste water treatment costs would be greatly reduced, and reclaimed water would be useful for irrigating without damaging the land. These are some very big advantages for communities and in fact the entire country.

Rayne of Phoenix is proud to be partnered with Arizona Water Association in the common goal to preserve the quality and availability of our drinking water. To become more educated about the Zero Liquid Discharge process, visit to watch two brief educational videos. Join Rayne of Phoenix as they begin making a better tomorrow for all of us.

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