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Records Show Millions Drinking Dirty Water

A recent study of E.P.A. data shows that Safe Drinking Water Act violations have occurred in all 50 states and more than 20% of municipal drinking water systems have violated crucial elements of this law.
Some were isolated events with little risk to communities and others were due to contamination that has persisted for years.  While communities are required by law to deliver safe water to residents, studies have shown that since 2004, the drinking water provided to more than 49 million people contained illegal traces of chemicals and contaminates such as arsenic and uranium as well as bacteria common in sewage waste water. 
Some of these contaminates even in small doses were found to be linked to cancer and one, Radium, was found as much as 2,000 times the legal limit.  Since 2004 in the state of New York, 205 water systems have recorded violations but only 3 systems have had any enforcement of penalties.
Unfortunately, most violations will not be pursued by the E.P.A. and Justice Department because imposing fines against the municipality will ultimately fine the local tax payer as more and more communities are struggling with revenue.
Regrettably a large portion of violations are in systems serving less than 20,000 residents, in communities were resources and expertise are often limited.
While the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee will ask E.P.A. officials about how water safety laws are handled and the E.P.A. has in turn said they will be announcing new standards and practices, this grave data reminds us that treating the water as it enters our home can give us with the quality drinking water that our community may not provide.
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