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Superior Nitrate Removal Starts with LINX®

drinking water for granted. We are grateful to have access to water sources these days, but we often forget that our drinking water can contain impurities like nitrates which can pose health risks when the quantities are great enough. Just because you want to ensure the quality and purity of your drinking water for your family does not mean that you’re taking it for granted. It is important to educate yourself and advocate for safe, healthy drinking water. That is why we are so proud to be able to offer a selection of drinking water systems that lead the way when it comes to nitrate removal.
Nitrates in drinking water are dangerous when the levels exceed the standards set forth by the government and the state. Here in California, human activities such as fertilizer use and manure applications, have increased nitrate concentrations in drinking water to levels above EPA’s drinking water standard. Nitrates cause so much concern because it is considered an acute contaminant, meaning that just one exposure can affect a person’s health. Too much nitrate in your body makes it harder for red blood cells to carry oxygen. While most people recover quickly, this can be very dangerous for infants and some adults. Infants exposed to high amounts of nitrate may develop “blue baby syndrome.” All of these are important factors to consider when choosing your means of nitrate removal. Municipal drinking water treatment facilities test for nitrates, but wells are left on their own and you’ll need to test your own water for nitrate contamination frequently.
The maximum contaminant level, or EPA’s drinking water standard, for nitrate is 10 milligrams per liter mg/L, which is the same thing as 10 parts per million ppm. If a nitrate test shows levels higher than 10 ppm, you should find a safe alternative drinking water supply. The best thing to do is to install a water filtration system that will effectively remove nitrate from your water. Many people rely on reverse osmosis (RO)  to remove these contaminants from their drinking water but in areas where the levels are quite high, even traditional reverse osmosis can leave levels above what has been labeled as safe.
Our drinking water systems have an edge above the others on the market because of our LINX® technology and how much nitrate contamination they can handle. The LINX 140 is the first water filtration system certified to reduce nitrate and nitrite contamination to NON-DETECT levels in certification testing. These reduction levels are far superior to traditional reverse osmosis filtration systems and, in addition, the LINX technology also uses significantly less water – up to 90% less than a reverse osmosis system. Being concerned about your drinking water doesn’t mean you take it for granted. In fact, it means you care about your drinking water and want to make sure it is the best you can make it for your family to keep them healthy and safe, always.