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The Bottled Water Crisis Here and Now

water filter and reusable cup or bottle rather than plastic bottles. “Bottled water consumers justify their purchases by claiming that bottled water tastes better than water from the tap. In an effort to prove that tap is just as good, a series of blind taste tests were done at Stanford University in California. Participants tasted three different kinds of water: tap water, bottled water and filtered tap water. Filtered tap water was the most popular, with 50 percent of voters preferring it over the other choices.” According to one environmental website, “investing in a home water-purification system and reusable water bottles are excellent alternative solutions to stop the plastic water bottle crisis. The amount of money and of Earth’s natural resources saved by using these eco-friendly alternatives makes it worth the effort. Many health-conscious families already own a drinking water system  in their home. Our company’s products are eco-friendly; our reverse osmosis systems actually wastes up to 90% less water than traditional reverse osmosis systems and will still reduce harmful contaminants from the tap. It is convenient, great-tasting, easy, and cost-effective. What more could you ask for during our plastic water bottle crisis? To read more from this article, click here.]]>